Diablo 3 salvage all legendary

Hi blizz :slight_smile: i whant to say ty for the new great season 28 . I have a request from you please do salvage all legendary button pls pls pls. My fingers broke from this salvage one by one (love u)

After Blizzard makes group salvage for legendaries, your next request will be “Please, Blizzard, make it possible to reverse salvaging, I lost my ultra-hiper-cool item that I kept in inventory and salvaged it by mistake.” :man_shrugging:t2:


Salvage all legs is just the worst idea ever!

That’s the biggest lie I’ve ever seen. It must be playing demon hunter with all the clicking that hurts your fingers.

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It is true!

All my fingers are broken with all the legendaries i’ve had to salvage.


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I 'd love the idea of mass salvage to be honest. By the way, it is still possible to accidentally salvage something that you don’t mean to, because of muscle memory and repeated clicks. I know that it is almost impossible to happen but I would love a filter system with little ticks that you could uncheck so you could salvage all except rings for example. Lol anyway, usually around the time I reach close to 2K paragons I stop picking most of the stuff that drops and focus only on the 1-2 slots that I want good rolls.

I’ll admit that salvaging after three speedruns does become somewhat trivial…

I just ignore loot now when running rifts. Who cares about the latest shiny Devil Tongue??

well, I collect primals if they drop, but only to salvage them for ashes.

heck… Just how many forgotten souls and veiled crystals do i need??


I just checked. I have (in season); 15K whites, 17K blues, 12K yellows 11K dbs and 5166 souls.
You’re right. At a certain point you may only wanna pick up primals and rings and amulets.


Honestly, that’s exactly what I am doing at this point. I pick up only rings, cause I lack good rings for both my barb and wizard and some other random upgrades like Ingeom for my barb. Less time in town, more time in GRs. :slight_smile:

If a primal or two to be more precise drop, of course I will pick it.


That would be really annoying. I keep my follower’s hands in my inventory. I already salvaged ancient Gloves of Worship accidently.

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