Diablo 4 feedback (From a former D2 No. 1 HC ladder player)

Hi every one!!

About itemisation… I personally think that items should be very though to find from the beginning. Good example here is Diablo 1. It was hard to find good magic item to do certain dmg to go further. Honestly it was very hard to find every single one item which will change something in your character. And that was how diablo itemisation should looks like.
The same think was in Diablo II. A lot of guys here already mentioned about this. Getting good rare, uniques, set items is very hard to find ( you need to spend a lot of hour of grinding to find it).
And about Diablo III. What I liked in this game was how item drop looks just after release. It was hard to find good rare item because you has to find a pack of champions on the map to kill it and them receive some rare items. And the best thing here was that the most of the time those items wasn’t for your character ( but you had option to trade it till Blizz close in game trading :frowning: ). Also game was very hard on hell difficulty and especially on inferno difficulty. For me this is good example how hard should Diablo IV looks like.

It suppose to be hard to lvl, hard to get items, very hard to drop legendary ( like it was in Diablo III just after release) .

Also crafting in Diablo III after release was great thing because I use it a loot to progress in the game. After putting LOOT 2.0 for casuals its useless because u can get all staff from rifts.

Also I fully agree with DeathBringer. He points very well on what Delevopers should look and focus.

Excuse me for caps lock but


Its the worst thing which was created. In Diablo series there always was a lvl cap!!! and base lvl cap is enough. NO PARAGONS which was created to chase numbers. It should be chase for items as major point in the game and during this you will receive experience to lvl up your character. And I personally prefer Diablo II base lvl progress. You can easily reach lvl 85-92 but then you need to sacrifice most of the time to reach lvl goal 99 !!!

Hope that Diablo IV will be better then Diablo III !!

Best Regards


I fully support this!

The level cap in D4 is currently only level 40. I have a feeling that will be easy to reach, nothing like D2’s endgame levelling.
I hope there will be something better than paragons for when we reach level 40. Maybe sinking huge amounts of XP into items to maximise their affixes and turn them into primals. Like if 1 item took the same amount of time to maximise as reaching p1000 does. Then after that…long-term follower training maybe? For when we play solo instead of multiplayer.

I kinda don`t agree with you. Diablo 2 is different game to Diablo 3 as it should be, same with Diablo 4. They already said that they will take the best things of this games and make them even better.
As far as your points:

  1. I think cool downs skills are great and add variety to the skill system. Not everyone like only spammable skill. You remove cool downs and you remove great depth of variety and build diversity.
    As far as mana potions, my personal preference is simply no. Diablo 3 have solve that issue well.

  2. If you had read the story of the Druid, you would have known that they are Barbarian alike and its from their kin. So its normal to have similarity. I think they both look great. The character we see so far all have looked great.

  3. Me and many people dont like the system 1-99. The paragon levels are maybe boring for some, but are fun for a lot of people, just because they dont complain, it doesnt mean they dont like them.
    Player that play a lot need to have some kind of experience from killing monster, after reaching max level.

  4. Totally agree with you.

  5. Don`t agree with you. Monster look crazy good, atleast what we have see so far.

  6. I think the way they said the trading will be, it`s more than okay.

  7. So so agree with this point. Yeah we all want a hard and challenging game, but i don`t think many people want to spend months farming for “some” drop.
    While i think Diablo 3 drop rates are not perfect i also think it should be somewhere between.
    Its should be hard, but rewarding.

  8. I kinda disagree with you on the point for Diablo 2, because outside of the PVP, you have no endgame content in that game. Don`t understand all the crying and moaning about that game. Was a great game for its time, but has many flows.

  9. Greater Rift should be touched, but the idea is good, they just need to change it, and make it a lot more depth. Something similar to POE maps for example.

While this is opinion, a lot of your points is like to change the half of the game, and the things they already make. Its just won`t going to happen, for example the change of Druid, as well as for the level.

What vague name dropping, have you even played D3 at all or have you even watched watched the D4 demo gameplay by youtubers where one dev would sit with them and talk about the lore and game mechanics.

Heres my reply to each numbered topic.

  1. I think they avoided mana potions because they aren’t using a mana resource system. They have all sorts of resources which I didn’t like that much personally. I was thinking they could have a system of mana for obvious magic spells. But for physical abilities I was thinking they could have a stamina system. Have physical power attacks cost stamina. Vitality stat could be used for HP and stam. I think one of the best ways to avoid the running in circles dance is too make normal attacks somewhat useful again. I should be able to grind down monsters reasonably if I can’t cast abilities.
  2. I think the Barbarian could be bigger. The druid looks huge cause of the shoulder mantle. Maybe he could be a touch smaller but I like the height.
  3. agreed on level cap. I’d like to see the hard grind time go into obtaining perfect gear.
  4. I don’t think we should be able to play with other characters that are more than 10 levels different from ourselves. Rushes are so dumb. It kills the ladder experience after the opening few days. However I still like the idea of restarting bosses after death and not being able to exit the fight. It makes it more intense.
  5. I think the monsters are fine from the demo. As long as I don’t see any flashing yellow and blue champions, ughhh. We are way past that low budget system. They can design special skins and abilities for the champions and elites.
  6. Open trading sucks cause of bots and pay to win online stores. Someone had a good solution in another forum. Create an item that can be obtained through a once a week quest. I called it a “stone of soulbinding.” It could be used to trade a legendary item to another person. Make it so you can only carry 1 of these stones at a time so they can’t be hoarded. Maybe they could upgrade this to 3 total per week depending on how they want to encourage trading.
  7. I want lower drop rates than diablo 3 but higher than diablo 2. Diablo 2 runes were impossibly rare. I think zod was like a 1/5000 chance on countess runs. I think you should only have to grind a boss 500 times at most for a best loot in game drop.
  8. I thought diablo 3 maps were random enough to stay interesting. I loved the random dungeon spawns. I just wish there was exclusive loot in each one so we had to actually learn and farm them.
  9. 100% agreed. I hated the AOE spam fest of Diablo 3. I felt like I was playing dragon ball Z or something stupid. It was just a melt fest. And if you missed one out of like 4 buff cycles that had to be recasted every 10 seconds you get 1 shotted by anything. Very poor system that was made.
  10. I wouldn’t mind a system of seasonal end game challenge content like POE. I’d be happy with just like 5 different types of seasons that they cycle through. But I don’t want that content to be playable until we spend tons of time gearing up in the regular zones.

1.Bring back the ingame auction which gives the game that unique spirit of adventure when you realise that your precious time in the game actually worth something and not just a pixel on the screen. Take a look at the industry and tell me is there any other game exist where your items can’t be traded? I think the answer is very clear. After deleting auction from Diablo III the game literally died for me…
2. Make Diablo IV super hardcore! Just like it was in the very first patch of Diablo III when elites possessed immense power and were hard to grind through. Plus add some sort of unpredictable events that might affect your leveling and progress i.e. make item repair costs higher / arrange something to make people think before they move and not just stupid monotone grind all the way down.
3. And finally if you decide to make it MMO like game then there must definitely be pvp battles + gear upgrading + level up grinds etc. so my advice is to make some super high level skills or ultimate abilities that become available after days and days of grind but abilities which will make tremendous impact in any pvps and that will make things turn around. Make super hard to grind legendary sets that in conjunction with super high level skills will make the players unique and will therefore create plenty of space for pursue and contest between the players! Please dedicate some time to mindfully go through the high-level content of gears/skills and make it really worthy to spend time for as this will definitely give the game a longer life and will make people excited and fun to play.

Thanks in advance!

p.s. Druide looks like piece of crap… Please make it like a real old strong bearded man who spent eternity in the grim forests not a Gimli like dwarf with huge deer horns… Make it brutal make it savage make it dark! So people remember it until the end of the world…

While I agree that some form in in-game trade must be allowed, I feel it necessary to remind you that it was the Auction House of the original Diablo III release (“Vanilla”) that nearly killed the franchise.

We definitely do not want something even remotely like that ever rearing its ugly head ever again!

My suggestion is : make two modes that will be optional upon the character creation. One mode allows you to trade anything with anyone and another mode correspondingly makes your character items not exchangeable. And let all the whiners play without any trade if they wish. You might even create two different servers specially dedicated to traders and non traders etc. I don’t really see any reasons as to why not introduce such kind of things. It is 2020 outside and games evolve industry evolve and especially such an epic game like Diablo must evolve too so why not make it an ultimate masterpiece of all ages and a piece that will suite the whole community and not just a certain part of it?

The players are already split into four modes, i.e. softcore seasonal, softcore non-seasonal, hardcore seasonal, hardcore non-seasonal. Splitting them into eight modes, where each of the previous modes can be trading or non-trading, means players will be spread even more thinly than they are now and that leads to it being even harder to find groups / clans / communities.

Hundreds of thousands of ppl play this game and with Diablo IV i believe it will turn into millions so why not spread it into even more than 8 modes ? You still have a cap of players in any server that you join so that makes perfect sense and moreover it gives the game a next level of diversity and depth that each individual would be able to appreciate in the way they like.

For a start being a former no1 d2 player doesn’t make u the final word in over a million opinions, u need to drop that shi*. Also all the d2 players talking trash about paragon need to quit it too as u had charms which its basically the same as paragon. u guys would run crying to ur mums if we took ur charms away. its all about finding a balance between the 2. d2 was good…20 years ago, move on. d3 to many ppl is still good. But i dont want d2 or d3 again i want d4, somthing fresh and new with new ideas. and i bet theres alot of ppl who think the same. peace out…d2 fan boys, i hope u h8 d4 just because all u want is d2 again


I agree a 100%… It is 2020 outside and industry and tehcnologies bring us outstanding possibilities compare to twenty years ago so of course make use of it! Make game diverse, deep and outstanding! Make it able to cater for the next generation for 10-20 years ahead make it a BLAST that everyone will remember…Make it a next technological step and a masterpiece to refer to… i don’t know what else to say :slight_smile:

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Well said NitroBaz, totally agree.


I could not have said it better myself. :+1:

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As a D2-player I would prefer D2-gamestyle over D3 yeah. D3 has its advantages; high drop loot and fast levelling but in long run it’s quite boring. But I would like to see stuff like stash space from D3 in D4. Using mules was quite shitty way of playing.

D2 is pretty hard as in completing the perfect build. It brings happiness when you find an strong unique item. It was a great game until it was flooded by bots. However, the bots made sure the prices of a jah/ber nowadays is pretty low compared to the old times. Of course I would like to have an enigma but I didn’t have it and did I really need it? Nope.

I can imagine it’s quite difficult to find a good balance between low item drops and reaching the endgame with a strong gear, while having a open trade market without being flooded by bots and impossible prices.

I think you should reach the endgame with collecting good items and not by playing thousand hours to rack up paragons so you eliminate the need of items.

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The opposite has been going on for years in D3 and it seems to be working fine.
People find their own loot and share it within their party, while the whiners have the option to either play with this limited loot sharing mechanism, or sit one out.

This whole thread is a mess. Starting from the OP with his “Trust me, I was very good at a different game 20 years ago, so I can represent the current fanbase” approach and his bombardment of subjective opinions about gameplay and appearance, backed up by nothing other than his confidence that he knows what’s best for D4 and that he can speak on behalf of the fanbase majority.

This is not D1, or D2, or D3 or POE. We get a unique chance to try a brand new and exciting Diablo game, so get off your high horse and try not to spoil D4 with your sense of entitlement that you get from your D1 rank and “years of dedication”. Please.


This is 100% match to what i am trying to promote here. And my wish is to give Diablo IV a new level of diversity and ingame depth. Potential options are :

  1. Fill the game with all sort of different modes which will allow to enjoy it from all the broad range of perspectives people might have.
  2. Add ingame events on the outcome of which will depend how you are going to function tomorrow or even few days after i.e. Guild Wars 2 has that sort of thing implemented where your parties or fraction actions literally change the way things are going to happen in future and so on and so for. This of course could be given a lot more detail and adjusted to Diablo environment and make it outstanding. Another example is making some system of penalties that would depend on all kind of different factors and therefore giving your party a certain boost/bounty or giving a disadvantage/debuff and let them last for certain periods.
  3. Make a new and influential partymaking&ranking system that will allow top tier players to compete between each other etc.
  4. And generally speaking things like that! If devs sit down and think i believe they could introduce a lot of freshness, depth and new look together with old beloved dark essence of the game.
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That’s really the problem, isn’t it? Far too many players are so short-sighted by their belief that their long-standing support of the Diablo franchise entitles them to have an undeniable say, that they have blinded themselves to the fact that Diablo IV is supposed to be a new game and not a rehash of previous releases.

I played Diablo almost from day 1 more than 20 years ago. Eventually, when Diablo II was released, I continued playing D1 for a few months until all my friends also had Diablo II, and we all took it from there, adapting to the new style and mechanics and leaving Diablo 1 behind. The same held true for Diablo 3.

And it will be so also for Diablo IV. I’ll continue playing Diablo III for as long as I can, but when all my friends have transitioned to Diablo IV, then I’ll likely stop playing D3 in favor of the newer franchise entry.

People need to learn to move on.


Good post @Deathbringer,
I can’t say I can agree on all your points, but in general I would like the new game to be better than the previous versions. If some nice aspects from the former are in there, no problem.
Personally I think D3 is far better than D2 in many ways.
The paragon levels for me is like going from level 90 to 99 in Diablo2.
The maps, well only some are stationary in Diablo3.
The items, yes it is easy in one way, on the other hand we do chase the perfect iteration of a weapon so I see no problem. This also brings me to the worst problems D2 had, as some more of the people here pointed out, the bots…
In my opinion the botting started in order to farm exp and the main items in the game that was the runes, the high end ones. The rarity of those also made a glitch become a huge problem that had a serious inpact on the game in total. The duping…
So regarding the rarity versus some people finding ways to cheat i prefer D3… Of course that doesn’t mean that we should have our items too easy…
So to sum it up: loved D2, love D3 more and hope D4 beats both…