Diablo 4 Trade Systems - Change my opinion (Challenge)

Hello everyone and good afternoon!,

I am writing yet another post inquiring about future Diablo 4 mechanics and systems after becoming worried over the fact that I have yet to hear anything about the trading aspects of the game.

My main concerns are:
If there will be no trading ingame or maybe limited trading like before (in groups and within a limited timeframe), then the drop rates and the gear variety will have to be severely limited in order to not make the same mistake, as in early D3 where useful drops were almost impossible to come by.
Else if there will be trading, how will it be made sure the market isn’t flooded with gold farmers and the likes?

My intention here really, is just to hopeful bait a blizzard employee to provide some clarity on which trading systems they have/don’t have in the works right now, so we can all have a civil discussion and give our opinions on what may or may not work.

I personally feel the balance of the system in PoE is pretty good, allthough I do miss having gold around, but on the other hand if you can keep bots out of the game entirelly then that is worth sacrificing gold for. To me the most important thing is just to have a chance of a decent drop after 16 hours of play, and if the drop is not useful to my character then it can still be handed off for some value somehow, and at the sametime not over simplifying the game either, so we end up with that boring thing that is D3 seasons where there is one set pr. class and that is required to play the game and everything else is just garbage.


In my opinion the most important things are

  • keep loot + build complexity
  • keep loot + build variation
  • make the drops rewarding without compromising the other 2 points.

I would really like to hear everyone’s opinions here.
If you can then change my mind about trading.
All pro’s and con’s are welcome just keep it respectful friends!


  • Murgo

You are posting this in the wrong forums friend if you want a response from Blizzard, because they have turned rogue and doesn’t give a damn about other countries they work and operate in the US forums almost exclusively at this point. However I might have some insight on the the matter, this is what he know so far from Blizzard during the interview that both ‘Rhykker’ and ‘Quin69’ had with some of the employees, but it is important to remember that nothing is set in stone!

Here’s the list so far:

Normal items - Always trade-able
Magic items - Always trade-able
Set items - Same as D3 (Still under discussion)
Legendary items - Said to have a time limit to trade (Still under discussion)
Mystic items - Binds on pick-up (account bound)
Crafted items - Seems to be trade-able but no confirmation yet.

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I have this old idea of items that mutates dependng on your class. As such, if used in D3 a sword today if dropped for a wizard tend to have bonus intelligence when barbarians and crusaders get a strenght bonus. with my system they should always get their main stat so if the wizard trade the sword to a barbarian the int bonus become a strenght bonus automatically. This should also be true for followers. The int bonus for the wizard become strengh when equipped by the templar. This couls save a lot of stash space and increase worth i trade with mre potential customers.