Diablo 4 vs Lost Ark

Please help)
I can’t understand how they are fundamentally different, why pay 100 euros, for bugs and glitches?

Don’t buy it.
Problem solved.


Ah, but do you understand that the D3 and D4 forums are fundamentally different…

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What is this Lost Ark? I can only find first Indiana Jones movie if I try to search for that.


The very first result…

lost ark is a game pretending to b f2p, but once you reach ilvl 560 you either pay to progress( way more then 100 bucks) or you spend a couple years sit in front of your pc to get to top ilvl gear!!!

I personaly rather pay 100 bucks up front for a full game experience!!

And yesh lost ark had 0bugs and 0 Q’s on launch,it as 0 bots!!! and the reviews on steam are top… hmmmm hmmmmm !!! it killed POE right???