Diablo 4 will have five armor slots and thats it

Well atleast they told it now. Not going to betatest. Time to wait for PoE2. D4 has been designed for idiots. Clearly.

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How many armor slots does PoE have?

How many thousand ways you can customize PoEs gear? D4 is level Africa.

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I know this topic is 20 days old,but i hat to log on in order to reply to your limited brain.

First of all your answer ‘‘How many thousand ways you can customize PoEs gear?’’ is wrong, because he asked you how many armor slots does POE have, and you avoided that question like a pro,because you knew you messed up.

  1. PoE had 10 expansions in recent years,and constant updates to their game.

Few days ago i watched youtube video,dude comparing Lost Ark to D4 saying how D4 will sucks because there’s nothing to do in the endgame (which is not true)

Lost ark had 5 expansions,6 map expansions and total conversion (literal game revamp)

Can you people hear yourself and gibberish your limited brain produces?There’s no way in hell fully developed person will compare something which had 10 and 4 years worth of updates to D4 which isn’t even fully released yet,right?RIGHT?

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