Diablo III community boosting service FREE

I got an idea.

I was talking to some mates of mine, and they agreed it could be an awesome idea…

WARNING: We have talked to blizzard and they have given the green light for us to do this.

The idea:
Boosting clan/service in Diablo III.

I will make a website where you can sign up for boosting services. NOT PAID!!! This is done totally free, and out of free will. No one is allowed to charge or be charged Money or other goods for this.

We want to do this, because many people pay for boost’s on other sites and forums.
This is unnessearry, and there for we want to start a clan, offering this service to people… for free.

There has to be made a website, discord and a leadership of some sort.

This is where and why i write to the community. I need People, i cant do this my self…
I can make the website and the Discord, but i lack the people for boosting. It will be a clan, and you will have the right to refuse to boost people, if your not feeling it or your doing solo/group pushing. This is gonna be based on vollunteers.

If you like the idea and want to be a part of this project/idea, then write me on discord

Discord: EngLen#7599
Battletag: EngLen#21106

Regards Kevin.

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Thank you for your reply, yes it would be some work from my end. But im willing to do it aslong as i can find people who like the idea and want to be a part of it :slight_smile: Other then boosting clan/service the clan would also function as a normal clan of course.

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The link to pic from Meteorblade:


perhaps because he sees the same thing I see…

The only way I can see your screenshot is to do a right-click on it. If I do a left click, I get an error message that… “The image could not be loaded.”

This is recent btw… a few weeks at the most… don’t know if it’s Chrome or if it’s Discourse…

Yes Meterorblade, there is a community, im even a part of it. But, if you notice, there isent many online. If this isent something for you, then thats totally perfect! But then scroll on, and stop posting. Im not new to D3 im well aware of these communitys, and they are used. But this is not what i aim for, i am aiming for something new and something… a bit more then just a clan community, but also a clan among other things… I wish to make a online forum in forum of a website, a forum and a Clan, where people can unite in the course of boosting, AND playing.

On the forums i wish to make, even tho there is Diablofans and Icyveins, i wanna make it possible to share top tier builds and other usefull tips and tricks for Diablo from vets to newcomers and vice a versa.

Regards Kevin.

PS: and lets not forget about D3planner… just before the shitstorm flys in from the side.

Hi! Is there a website you currently have going? If so, may I get that? I use to run a guild called Team PowerLevel. Was a great guild for a while, but only a handful actually helped the community.

I often help others level on both soft and hard core. I figure if I can be and end game player then I might as well help others get to the higher levels so they can complete the season. I have recently completed the last three seasons in its entirety. With that being said I would be able to help others understand the journey they are on after reaching 70 and how best to get the most from each season.