Diablo IV - Colorblindness


I am curious about how Diablo will handle colorblind features in Diablo IV. Me, myself do not suffer for any Colorblindness / Deauteranopia, and to those that do not know the words, Achromatopsia is even more severe when it comes to colors in real life and entertainment.

Overwatch use features to aid colorblindness and does it well according to players around the world. Now, Overwatch is more vibrant in using all kinds of colors.

Diablo IV doesn’t use too many or strong colors as of yet, but I can see some issues coming along further in development.

I am just curious if people want this feature, if the developers can do something about it “this early on” and if there will be multiple options for the players and watchers.

For more info around this “problem”, check https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbFs9ghIIEI


Hello all!

I strongly support the OPs wish for options regarding colorblindness because I myself are quite a bit visually impaired.

This is why I want to hijack this thread to broaden the feature request:

Please also add options to increase font-size / contrast / ui-size for the visually impaired!

From what is currently seen in the demo some fonts especially in the inventory (counts next to potions, mouse over texts) or the potion counter above the health globe seem very small & low contrast. Monster names above their healthbar are extremely small, the red message “skill is not ready” above dark terrain is very low contrast, you get my drift…

There was a thread about this for D3 while it was in beta but never got acknowledged by blues, so please think about inclusion from the start :wink:

Best regards!


And what about transgender persons? Why can we only choose between male and female?! :crazy_face:

They are neither. Just pixels. It’s roleplay anyways.

But it has less to do about the topic and how it can help people actually see what’s on / around the screen when it happens.

So you say that gender is just a matter of a few pixels!! Oh the monstrocity!!!

There was a thread about color blindness in the old forum. Someone pointed out that Windows have some options somewhere in the settings to help with that.

Hi :

Not sure if you have seen this, but there’s a place you can write to with suggestion(s) on how game accessibility can be improved for those with disability(ies). I don’t know whether or not you will get a response… but I think it offers a better chance that your comments will be considered than posting here.


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Thank you. I might just put a copy over at US version of this forum instead.

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Thanks, I sent them a link to this thread!

I hope other players chime in and tell us & Blizz their view, e.g. how they are handling it in D3 or what needs to be done in D4 to make it easily usable/readable.

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If you’re colorblind or a ladyboy, too bad.