DIABLO IV - Unusual POINTS. feedback

Hello Blizzard D4 Team.

First of all I´m very pleased you´re making this project alive and in this dark and hell apocalyptic visual look shape so near to D2
that´s just beautiful and fantastic. Great lore point with Lilith.

For community: Give it like or comment, if you like some of this, so it can get some feedback from developers.

I´m a Diablo gamer (from D1,D2,D3) and I´m an artist.
You´ve asked for feedback so here it is.


  1. Terrain use is an amazing, I saw climbing, some old known mechanics as doors opening, walls destroying, also heard combo with spells/skills and weather (which is the best idea ever!) etc. Living terrain and communicating with it is so important. That´s why i think you could possibily improve that even more. With puzzles, secrets, secret passages and do not make these things as obvious and easy as it was in D3 for example. The game needs something for smarter people. Cause its linked to the lore of Diablo that some stuff is very complexive so it deservers be made like that. For example extremely rare Cube stuff or some epic artifacts (i mean some items with new role in a game) could be better to hard to search for in some amazing special ways with association with terrain (look at the right stone in the field of stones and there it is, here is the old map but you need to bring 2/3/4 pieces of it together first or solve this interesting hell puzzle from corpses, if you make pentagram from them it´ll make appear special Demon to kill and he drops this special item or open some gate to secret passage with something cool, solve interesting lore puzzle to move forward in dungeon), but it should be at least sometimes challenging and complexive task.
    I know Diablo its about slaying demons, but also its about these special features in lore and around like Cow levels and it deserves more of these “treasure hunt” adventures, because if you not push also this, it´ll be action rpg game only about numbers and getting super strong without any “special” game fun expirience and you´ll bring something different and Diablo thing which other games just don´t and can´t have cause it´s just Diablo lore stuff.
    Also your game trailer starts with tomb robbers and realising something behind door and discovering secrets, so try please look more into that and make it challenging and interesting, not easy.

  2. Legendary items should lead the way and be customized. Great. Set items (also some legendary) could bring back D2 feature with appearance. Trang’s armor, transforms the necro looks. Runeword “Delirium” morphs you into a Bone Fetish (Runes are back so ? :smiley: ). stuff like that. It was so cool, satisfying and funny. In D3 is just Chicken Hex as i remember and that´s not much. Why not to make 5 items like that just to make people curious. Or item that´ll make you appear as a burned tree and you could use that item in PVP ! :smiley: That could be wonderful and so much fun. It´s fantasy world with blood and magic all is possible i think. If you´ll stick to that dark scenario these items will not ruin the way the game is presented.

  3. Characters ideas
    I would say Druid, but you´ve made my dreams come true already !

Dark knight/Paladin
Treasure Hunter/Grave Robber - char that could improve this magic find stuff just slightly, maybe with some special function to the Diablo IV timeline ! But not lose his dmg abilities. With usage of dagger or a bow etc. Critical dmg char. It creates so much diversity that you´re looking for.

Thank for reading. This is based on the last 48 hours watching trailer, streamers playing demo and reading availiable stuff.



It´ll bring you the effect you´re looking for. Players, I mean real Diablo players, will help you bring more to game and more gamers and fans after release. I talk for myself also.

Why are seasons necessarry to already great game based on EPIC storyline ? I dont think seasons bring something good in D3. I hardly doubt big changes every season several times in year could possibly bring good to D4. I do not mean items, its of course great you bring new items Diablo its also about that, but if there´ll be changes in events you still need to bring them back time to time, if there will be for example achievements, like in D3 the Darkening Tristram, which brings you back to stuff already played. Expansions are better. Permanent changes + patch. I hardly doubt people want to play D4 for new Wings and avatar every 3 months.

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I definetly would like necro.

Game looks great. Combat mechanics and UI suck.

Yes, UI needs to be smarter, trying different tactics, not easy to beat everytime with same strategy, it´ll make game more challenging and interesting.
Combat mechanics looks good, but bit too easy to manage, but what we saw its just demo look far from final version, as i hope.

using skills look great!
enemy taking damage looks terrible.

Yes now i get what you mean, totally agree. Its mostly like hitting the dummy, more motion, movement and physics could be very useful to poor little demons.

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Make it more real then gamish. Yea I think you got what I ment.

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Public voting for characters and features in the game.