[Discord] Diablo 2 : Resurrected [Giveaways : Game copies / Discord Nitros]

If you’re been playing for decades, or only for a few years, it doesn’t matter, let’s join Sanctuary and build a community !

Vouch for people, trade items for items and not for real money or digital money…

Let’s share our passion & childhood together ! It’s the only thing that matters.

Already +500 players within 4 weeks !

Join us all :
:crossed_swords:│ Find players to Exp / Farm / Trade with
:moneybag:│ Ask experienced and vouched players to check items value
:shopping_cart:│ Find a place to trade safely item-to-item
:balance_scale:│ Use a unique vouch system to secure your trades & encounters
:brick:│ Learn about optimum builds and gameplay tips
:pushpin:│ Have an access to truthworthy informations about D2R

:ticket:│ Frequent possibilities to win Game copies, Nitro’s during event !

:heart:│ A warm Welcome ! You’ll be apart of a Diablo true fans community :cupid:

:tada: Giving away Nitro’s every 100 users
:tada: Already offered 2 D2R pre-ordered Game copies :slight_smile:

Discord invite : discord.gg/rJ5Q6pDPbj