Disintegrate Skill rune modify

I am looking through the skills, trying to find the best skill I can use for a lightning build with LoN/LoD. While I was looking through the runes on Disintegrate I noticed that there was one fire and rest were arcane. Yet the Chaos Nexus rune is worded kind of like it should have been a lightning variant.

It states “While channeling the beam you become charged with energy and discharge at nearby enemies dealing 115% weapon damage as Arcane.” This would be perfect for a lightning addition. Instead of always using Arcane Torrent for a lightning channeling ability…

The Manald Heal is a great ring and I want to rock that 14,000% damage bonus! Please add this in <3!!!

Many skillrunes need complete rework. Its just probably not going to happen since skeleton crew handles D3 stuff for now. I agree every skill should have all elemental and arcane variants. And Primary Skills are definitely way too weak or Legendaries that boost their power need something extra likewise.