DPS character barb yes or no?

after over a year break iam gonna start playing again tho i got to start from scratch cuz i moved to EU. when i quit playing,barb was piece of garbage . i had mostly primals with best in slot rolls yet i couldnot compete versus undergeared sorceress in 120-140 Grifts in terms of dps.

Is something changed or barb is still not considered a dps class in eyes of blizz ?

since iam starting from scratch anyway, i wouldnot mind creating some other character if barbarian is still junk. which char is the strongest dps in 4m Grift ??


WW / Rend Barb introduced in S19 is still going strongly.
BTW: you can always study the leaderboard:


Indeed the meta has changed a bit over the course of the last few seasons. Nowdays wizard is expected to be the worst class in the game and barb is really strong. Basically your strongest build will be whirlwind with rend using the wrath of the wastes build and as a second I can think of the newest entry the frenzy barb. WW barb is probably not going to take the number 1 spot on the highest gr clear but it will allow you to farm really high content very fast which is good for your paragon. Incredible build if you haven’t tried it, and if you like this play style you can try out tempest monk or GoD demon hunter. Barb was traditionally a weak solo class but nowdays that’s not the case.