EU PC Lf Z-Monk

Looking for: EU PC Season20 Support Monk for 125-130 Farm and Push up to XY
Times: 8PM to 2AM(CET versatile)

Hello everyone, this is Robin again.
I’ve been playing recently with 2 other players ever evening farming some GRifts. We’re very friendly, chilled and up for some good jokes. Aswell we’re decently good and efficent gamers without being elite or mad if someone goes afk for a smoke/drink/bio etc.
There are many versions of playing builds, especially supports, so be open for ideas as we are too. At the end of the day, you play at your best when having fun and whatever works for you! But, you need to have your basics down (you keep the group alive, empower dmg etc.).
Paragon you should have atleast 1k, i guess?! Sounds about right.
So if that matches your style or you want to get more into group play - you’re welcome. We also play some other classes and do different things, whatever makes us feel good, but mostly GRs
Just add Me(preferably) or one of the other two and let’s play some games =)

Me(Angel): Sader(1800+) Ангелюсь#2175
Drunk: zBarb(1500+) DrunkenClam#1555
Filus: WD(1600+) filus#2305

Time to make some friends you lovely Diablo Community!