Eu server is very annoying to play for several weeks already

Having to try to make a new game for several minutes at a time bc of getting “You are unable to join the game at this time” or “Errorcode 395000” is rly getting annoying.
It’s been like that for several weeks already how isnt that fixed yet.
Just earlier i had to wait like 5 minutes to get an amulet from another of my characters and then again 1 minute to get into the char i wanted to actually play…
The server restart seemed to fix it for a day or two (at least it felt like that to me?) but now its again pretty unbearbale.
So in short pls fix

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I haven’t played in a week or so but when I encountered these problems, the best solution was to quit and restart from the launcher again.

It was reported here, on the French EU forum and on the US forum (and probably on other forums) but no news…

This is recurring daily here in the UK. Often 3 or 4 times daily.

My cumbersome workaround is patience. Just press “OK” and then it goes to “servers busy” and then places in a queue, with a wait time of 4 seconds. After that, the licence fails to load, so press ok again, then it goes back to “start”. Press start then it might go to the same circuit.

After a few times (or even after the 1st circuit) it usually loads normally, without having to close the game

Yeah i am aware of that, sometimes i get a failed to load hero list though.
In the end doesnt rly change that its rly annoying all around if the bug happens every 20 min or so.