Exquisiteness season 25

I have been trying to complete this on season 25. I have spent massive gold and materials and I cannot get a weapon to reroll socket. Please help

So, that’s…

Sockets are primary affixes. So…

  • Are re-rolling a primary affix at the Mystic?
  • Are you re-rolling something other than main stat or vitality (as these are extremely heavily weighted, so you’ll be offered less chances of a socket if you re-roll)?
  • Are you re-rolling a weapon that already has a socket?

It doesn’t need to be expensive. Any weapon will do, it doesn’t have to be a legendary. Just craft a yellow weapon at the blacksmith and use that to do the rerolls at the Mystic, it’s a lot cheaper in terms of gold and materials to reroll a rare than a legendary.

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