Feedback Diablo 4

You guys are aware that you can switch to the Beta app and submit feedback about Blizzard games, right?

There is never enough feedback, right ?

Beta app? Where. I got a lot of positive feedback. Few changes. Zero negative.

I 2nd the UI being turned off (or at the least, dimmable). I have an expensive OLED TV where pixel burn in is a real issue…


Of course they will do that.
But dependance of runes and talents,gear,not everyone should have large size cirle light!.
And dependance of circle light size…dmg,stats of monsters should be 3 types different.dmgs or be scaled difficult… that means we should search or loocking for group such specific player with this gear ,talents,runes.
For an axample you are alone with small size light cirle…dmg would be high!

They must add that or work on it!!

After all of this comes to my thought, that many of players does not understand goal that is set by a blizzard.

Diablo as a game (1,2), was very succesful title, but it was 2 decades ago…
Nowadays demands are bit different, not for us but for younger ones, D3 was off the table, because they misunderstood players demand in this particular title and than again in Diablo Immoral. Blizzard is a company that is succesfull in MMO games, hated it or not, but i think they dont want to dissapoint that 2 decades old players too much after last reactions, but still improve their game, because its OMG ***** 2 decades ago and people who made these old projects are gone ! So help them to do it. Please push new ideas as far as we can and then you can say they screw it up and not play their game !
Diablo IV has a future only if every single one of you will try to participate in project. Than i´ll blame players that did not tried. Wheres you ***** ideas and help when they ask for it to make you satisfy from ***** demo version. You ****** ********** *******. I´ll try.

EDIT: I´m reading forum all day and it can get you very sick i do not recommend that. Its pure rage.

The only thing im concerned about realistically is: Let’s say you want to challenge yourself by killing a big world boss on your own, I would love the ability to turn off open world with others for the specified amount. or put it up there as a Challenge dungeon or something of the sorts, but instead of the silly system that it was in D3 where u use another persons build, you get challenged to solo a world boss for example… It has to be hard, and not everyone should be able to complete it, unless they tryhard to the max :slight_smile: have a wonderful evening <1<2<3

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I just hope that as Dru as Sorc can wield 1h weapon + offhand … i don’t like this stick-2h weapons


It would be great too for screen capture as well.

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Also i think that offered key dungeon system shouldn’t be uncapped. It seems we are getting GR2.0. Imo it should be simple. Make only 2-5 tiers of keys, each doubles the difficulty of previous one and these keys should work only on max lvl dungeon and max difficulty. (When we have reached max lvl, i believe 40 was mentioned, a “basic” max level of dungeon (40?) shouldn’t be easy already so with key every tier would cost us an effort and we won’t need XX torment levels.)

PS. I understand the idea of trading and it is kind of solution between AH and bounded trading but i think “not tradeable” should gone at all. Imo there should be only two options - tradeable every time and only once. Mythic items should be at the second pool only or Mythic + Legendary/Ancient.

PS2. I would sugest to make an information with time of respawn of bosses when we move a mouse onto the location. There is no point to travel all the Sanctuary and get to know it’s been killed already and we have to wait. All depends of course what will be a lap between respawns.

I totally agree. I noticed this right away as well. In D1 and D2 the light radius was much smaller making it way more scary.


indeed,they must work on that!

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OK here are some things i thought of that could/ could not be taken into consideration by the devs.

Tradeing should be left free as in no restrictions (its not wow diablo never had bind on pickup) its a stupid thing to add and it creates chaos.
It messes with the tradeing system. People like to trade top tier items and make good currency of those and buy other high endgame items to min max there characters. Its a never ending circle. Items anyhow need to be grinded they dont fall from the sky anymore or so they sed.There could be some special items what drop like from world bosses or a specific boss what diversifies the end game besides dungeons and whathever you have in mind. Idea is item prices will fix themselfs in time and a oveerflow in some form of currency or a otherwill always exist but this is where point 2 comes in.

Adding new legendaryes/nerfing others is a good thing its ballance change and helps the game allot evan the trade mentioned in point 1.
Heres how i see it: Il give a lame example the stone of jordan ring witch gives + 1 to all skills lets say this whould be a sought off items and very expencive what if in season 2 you ballance it like this ‘’+ 1 to all skill lvls for X seaconds if Y condition is met’’ activly nerfing the ring and ballancing it at the same time. Might be good for some builds might be bad for others but it crerates diversity and in its stead a other item whould take its place as high market sell point. Ballancing evrey season as it comes around by the new items/gear themes that are introduced. You dont need to make it like this but its a example of what you can play around with to make meta builds new and interesting evrey season.Nerf a build create a other. dont need to add damage numbers to skills and tallents and multiplyers over multiplyers like Diablo 3 had that effectivly ruined the game you just have to tweek the items allready existing in the game and in some case add somthing new.

Point 3 Level of the game

Level of the game should be 100 and not that easy achiveble simple as that

Point 4.Legendary items

From what i heard legenday items will drop the same for diferent lvls so youl get the same legendary item over and over again as you lvl and farm. Thats a mistake
The legendary system should progres whit your lvl but insted of geting that item over and over again you should drop higher lvl more powerfull items as the game progresses. If you realy like a low lvl legendary you could implement a artisan or some system that raises the lvl of a item at a cost. Droping the same thing over and over again its repetitive and becomes boaring.It whould become a loot hunt for + 1 stat for evrey item equiped what frakly whould kill the game in the end.Its ok to get duplicate items as long as they are the same tier lvl not one from starting the game and one in end game but with diferent stats . Thats just lazy in my opinion.

Point 5 End game

So in this years blizzcon they presented 1 form of the end game trough dungeons (they sound more like poe map system than rifts but call them what you will) Idea is that as long as that key holds more than just 1 affix it becomes interesting. The more dangerous the better and the higher value

A other form of end game content is to farm some sort of uber versions of the bosses. other is world bosses theres potential there

Final point Crafting:

Crafting in diablo games never had a sweet spot lets be real. Diablo 2 had a easy level starting system called INBUE and that was it there was some crafting trough runewords and gems but i could hardly call that crafting.

Diablo 3 had the worse crafting i ever seen . none of the items you crafted where basicly ussable at end game.

Crafting is based more or less on creating your own items with the stats you like/need at a cost. So if rare items are not to become a thing in diablo 4 i realy see no need for crafting.Legendary/set/mythic items have fix stats and thats how it should be but rare items have potential if given enough concern.

I dont know if eny developer sees this or even if theyl take this in consideration but evrey bit helps and i hope feedback from the comunity whould be accnoleged this time around


Some feedback from me aswell as someone who played D1, D2 and D3 extensively and watched the D4 gameplay.

  • D4 looks good in general. I like what I see so far.

  • Please make the best ARPG you can, NOT the game that you think will cater to the broadest audience. If you make an indepth and good game, the audience will come. (Should be obvious actually)

  • The items and attributes need more depth in my opinion. Don’t try to make everything ‘‘easier’’ to grasp, like green number=better item.

  • D2 was tougher to crack, more challenging (I don’t mean monster toughness), which made it more interesting. You’ve got the tone right with D4 I think but consider making it more indepth and intricate. Players can handle it don’t worry.



“YOU came to the darkness”
-Man in the Cinematic

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  • i don’t want to see any other players when im playing storyline. make every other players invisible.
  • i want to walk (like in d2).
  • max lvl40 is a joke make that lvl99 and stay there. lvl100+ is also not ok.
  • talent tree is far too easy/simple.
  • i don’t want endless skill/stat reset. it should be like an enable/disable system controlled by blizz. after a game changing patch we should be able to tryout a few days.
  • a true crafting system like in wow.
  • instead of everything RNG based, a Daily Quests System.
    In diablo3 this happens -> joingame/kill things/leave game and do it again. it is not fun. it is stupid to kill same spawn a million times. if you implement daily quest system players will eventually get what they want. And make it hard. We’re not children.
  • slow gameplay is better. rifts/dungeons should be beaten with strategy not action. spamming a skill 1000 times in a second is still something i hate in diablo3.
  • finally i like to kill every nephalem in the sanctuary. they ruined diablo3 with their stupid rifts and speedfarms…
  1. It needs the famous horror vocal surrounding sound from d1&d2 like; baby cries , human breaths, creature mouns, horroric wind noises, ghost noises ects in the dungeons.

  2. Barbarian level 19
    Skill Point: 18

Want use points too;


First of all, I think Blizzard does a really good job with creating a really good and crisp combat. I liked it in D3 and I rarely play D2 nowadays because it just doesn’t run as nicely as D3. I love how D4 looks and all the “action” part of the “ARPG” seems to be really good! Though I don’t play D3 at all anymore, because itemisation is HORRIBLE, endgame is less fun than in D2 (running bosses from the storyline is more fun to me than rushing through rifts) and the skillsystem… well…

So please, Blizzard, add some RPG content in Diablo 4. RPG doesn’t mean to be able to gain levels and loot! It means to be able to make macro decisions, like planning how to skill your char (which should apparently make a difference at max level) and so importantly to select your gear (and not always take the gear with the most “attack” and “defense”). The latter also means, that there should be normal, magic, rare items, which can be helpful in endgame (like in D2), otherwise you can skip them and make all drops legendary anyway… please give us stats. (why not taking the same as in D2, the itemisation there was fantastic!) And dropping the same legendary items over and over again with different scaled versions… please! Who had this idea?! Just make some more Items!

“RPG” also means to make micro decisions in a fight, which means that with only 6 abilities, you should not have a CD on 4 of them! That’s viable in WoW, where you still have 30 other skills, but in Diablo, CDs mean, that the developer decides for the player how to play, instead of the player choosing the right skill in the exact moment.

Pretty much the same with BOP items…

If you want to build an ARPG instead of an arcade hack’n’slay, just leave the decision making in the game to the player. (Btw balancing is also easier, if players have more possibilities to counter Mobs and other players… it’s not surprising, that in D3, balancing is impossible…)


I agree about light radius. D4 needs to be scary and intense. Light needs to bleed throu door openings and from cracks in dungeons or caves. D4 engine looks great and can achive that without a problem.

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I agree about coldowns and itemisation.

That green arrow gotta go ,let items be complex lemme look at them when they drop and compare , see if its better or not now its just like .erm…green arrow up better item , red arrow down bad item. i dont evan care what the rest says that arrow decides evreything. Im not evan looking at the item just the arrow

And cooldowns have no place in this game. Add mana/rage cost to skills idk but just remove cooldowns they have no place here. Lemme chose what skill i want to place and where and at what time. Diablo 2 had a very good system in place for skills like these and it was called Immune to fire/cold/ligtning you all remember those monsters :)) Lord De Sais…witch made one of the elements ussles so Cd was not important if the skill anyhow dont work.

Attack rating,diminishing returns, stun recovery stuff like this has gotta be in the game to, adds more diversity in itemisation and choosing what i want/dont want to wear.

Anyhow have so many ideas and thoughts…i could basicly write a essey on this game :))

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