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I have been looking at the twitch diablo4 gameplay and I cant stop noticing its still not dark enough

  1. Radius should be around your hero not around mobs, I noticed everytime a mob spawns the light radius extends further
  2. You can see the light in rooms where you have not opened doors to (e.g in a dungeon)

Solution for 2 would be that everything that generate light is lowered, no light shows on unopened doors.


What a load of hogwash, if you want it darker adjust your brightness on your monitor…:waning_crescent_moon:


Thanks a million for that feedback. It is highly appreciated. Please keep in mind that the game is still work in progress and things might still change. But I am sure that every feedback is welcomed by the Developers.


Everything is great so far in D4 (taking into account that this is still an early stage). One thing though - don’t turn endgame into D3-like circus (I mean that very gameplay in GRs, esp. in multiplayer like here).

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One thing I was very disappointed to hear was the exclusion of an optional “solo self found” league where players are restricted from grouping / trading with other players. In D3, it was disappointing to start a season late and know that boosting my character by grouping with higher players was the most efficient way to progress. Now with even more focus on social elements in D4, I only see this issue growing without a self found league. Again, this would be something optional with a separate ladder for players that enjoy this play style. I would really appreciate if the developers would do further research into POE’s self found mode and possibly converse with those players to better understand their perspective of the value of a mode like this.


It would be great if the UI can be turned off - and you can choose to show some of it in that mode- like cooldowns only. -To make the experience more intense whilst exploring and during combat.
It’s looking good so far.
Looking forward to buying a horse for my mage…


What’s with the “attack” and “defense” stats? Surely there’s more to it, and you’ve not become even more allergic to depth and complexity? Part of me hopes it was just watered and neutered down for lackwit journos and the press, but I’ve been hurt in the past. Please, add actual stats to your items.


Please, don’t use diablo 3 as a core, like you guys are doing, diablo 3 are not a good game, this is not a critisism to you guys, don’t take it personal. Use the foundation of the 2 classics, Diablo is about unlocking new abilities and put then as you please, not a moba, that you choose the speel based on a specific botton. Diablo is about huge open areas that you explore, and encounter things, areas with meaning, not tine ways with lead to a slightly open areas, this is not diablo. My conserns is for you guys, the legacy that you are building, becouse diablo is a huge name, but only build on 2 games, if you guys make 2 bad games, will ruin the name forever. just play the old titles, see the competition, other action rpgs, think what diablo mean. Thank you Guys, i expect tha i was abble to help in one way or another


I’m really pleased the Druid is back but for me I don’t like the bulkiness of his human form. At first glance I thought he was the Barbarian. He sort of looks like a Dwarf from Warcraft. I like the gameplay video of him but I just wish he looked closer to his D2 human form. For me he is far too beefed up. I will miss the slendor guy with his ginger hair and pony tail. It’s like he’s been drinking too many protein shakes between D2 and D4. I understand this game is set many many many years after D2 so not the same Druid. Slim him down abit. Hope there’s some options to remove that Dwarf beard and get some awesome hairstyles, maybe a pony tail? Loving the Druid though other than that


so my thoughts

As of now game looks great. My only concern is about the tradeing. Their still clinging on that BoP wow stile item drops witch is a mistake in my opinion. Tradeing should be left alone for all item tipes. Prices will fix themselfs cheaper , expencive , Billionair status :)). Who knows maby diablo 4 currency will be keys and runes insted of gold but the idea is some items will be cheap some items will be expencive so to get those high end items you still have to grind and farm to get currency to buy them witch insures continuability. Look at Poe tradeing its been the same since the game shiped and it works just fine with no bind on pickup or any other restriction.


I hope item drops will drop for any class regarding of what character you play.
Allsaw runeworlds should be more than 2 slots a minimum of 3 or 4 think whould suffice.
Personaly i think that getting the same legendary item again and again but for a different level is lazy and gets boaring very fast but thats up for debate.Personaly id like to se diverse and more powerfull legendary/set items as you level up. Id hate to get a ‘‘furnace’’ drop 6 times in a row but with higher stats just seems out of place.And it looks like this is the direction they are going.(maby make a artisan that raises the level of your items) if you realy want that item but having same drops over and over again seems lazy and lame quite frankly.

And one more thing i whould like to see its a fast paced game due to build diversity but keep the bossing at a harder/slower paced. 1 shoting a boss like in diablo 3 its just BAD design.

These are my personal opinions maby some will agree others maby not but i realy hope this time around Blizzard listents to the comunity feadback and the end product will be somthing realy great. As for now game looks amazing

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The work the Diablo team have done is amazing. I love how it is all set out and the game play is fluid like butter off a hot shovel. Granted it was put together for the demo but im excited to find out if we explore the whole of sanctuary (all areas from all the games) and will there be a bigger inventory space along with expanded skill trees (more advanced and in depth) along with talents.

Will we get to see more than a 4 player party and an option to go hostile?
Will we get the Monk back? Love the Druid and Barb. Though i think it is missing a ranged class like demon hunter (bow type class).

Otherwise thumbs up Blizzard. :grinning:


The altar is ready!
Bring forth the sacrifice!


I would like to see D4 more social tho I mean to be able to interact with more people and I know you can do this in open worlds but it would be great to see this in more maps. I mean it s 2019 being social is a thing I would like to see this promoted, times have changed and offline modes aren t a thing anymore. Also for pvp I would like to see a new thing like for example if 2 people want to pvp without getting interrupted by anyone to be able for example to send a pvp request just like you would do for trading and if the other player accepts, both of them to go into some arenas at their choice(so you could have a small preview of 3-4 arenas for example you could chose from) and fight there and open a portal at the same time and people can watch like spectators mode without being present there to distract those 2 players and just moving around just like a camera and at the end of pvp people get out of that arena and the portal closes. Also the arena could be like a larger circle separated by a wall in the middle for the first seconds so people can have time to buff themselves or prepare overall and you see a timer before the wall is going down and you can start fighting.

Yes, make the game so dark not to be able to see anything! Very good idea! The idea is so good that customer support answered that their developer surely will welcome these really fine thoughts! What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t need to feed all pure minded thoughts…

Go check Diablo 1 and 2, you had a light radius around your character and that was it, the mobs were not visible outside of it unless they made some light themselves (torches or cast spells). If they want to return to the level of dark and somewhat scariness of the original game then the underground has to be that dark.

There were item affixes and skills to improve your awareness, so if you wanted to see past your nose then you had to invest in those.


Come to think of it light radius would not hurt. I do think it would make it better. game looks great already so lets make it better.

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  1. the leveling System should be max level 100 and as hard as possible to achiv it.
    (a leader system for it has a hard fun faktor!)
  2. secret runewords like in diablo 2 was great and maybe a better choice for the runes in diablo 4
  3. Trading should be allowed for every item. (Players should not be restricted in what they can do)
  4. a character like the monk d3 or assassin d2 should make it into the game at start
  1. I’m with Mox on level 100 and late difficulty.

  2. I like restrictions they thought but free trading could be one solution if prices for rarest items are high. I don’t want to flood market with every item I ever need.

  3. I bet it will be one ranged and one armored but again like always I wish for Necromancer

  4. Runewords!
    oh boy, are you ready…here it comes:

  • Each rune could have both Condition and Effect. If rune was socketed first, it will use it’s Condition part. If as second then Effect is applied. This would not only double the number of runewords but also not let player have punch of unused Condition runes without pair.

Having this new system would not make old D2 style runewords impossible.

  • Even more sockets could sacrifice amount of stats in item.
  • So secret combinations would turn item in to secret legendary item like in D2 that would still have that effect of regular runeword in it, just these secret abilities appear.
  • Some Condition-runes could instead do something with next socketed gems. Like what? Let your imaginations fly.
  • Runes could still have rune-specific stat just like in D2, remember that sockets take one item-stat away anyway so single sockets can have useful runes in them.

What do you think, Blizz? Think my rune ideas are good?


More two cents

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As i see this topic is slowly getting bigger and get “noticed” by Blizz
and here are more people with their opinions i repost link to my topic also. No i dont think i have best ideas, but i think at least 1st and 3rd points have some actual point.

And VOTING for what people want, with some finished ideas, just only for the research, have some point.

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