Fire bird (and general) lag solution

In light of the up coming season and the brilliant firebirds setup with the ethereal weapon.
I came across this info on another language based forum. I saved a screenshot and now detail the info. I have not suffered a single freeze since.

  1. your NVIDIA graphics card driver must be up to date, dont assume double check

  2. In the NVIDIA panel, modify the Physx Settings on the graphics processor and not autoselection.

  3. Still in the NVIDIA Control panel, in « Manage 3D settings » modifie the options « Power management => Favored maximum performance and » Low latency mode "to the maximum for me => Ultra.

  4. In the diablo 3 game options in « Sound » set the « Sound channels » option to the lowest => Lowest 16 bits

  5. If you are a wizard, do not insert any paragons in the area damage, Firebirds setup does NOT proc area damage.

It has nothing to do with wizard or nvidia. It is a sound bug within their sound engine fmodex.dll that they are too lazy to fix.

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helpful comment, not. open your mind and try

what is wrong with you. do you troll for an argument. if you dont want advice then by all means scroll past, just have a day off. the info has worked for every single person that i know that tried it, but then again they wanted infomation not a flame.

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please go away. if the info is not of use to you then scroll past. do not try to enforce your opinions on something that may be useful to others. your opinion isnt useful here thank you

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