Firebird Wiz QoL suggestion

TL;DR at the end

After playing a firebird wizard almost exclusively since the start of the season, I have to say, this build has an extremely poor quality of life because of 2 reasons:

  1. Mirror image AI is… just horrific.

  2. The build has 0 cc immunities, is VERY squishy vs physical damage, and it requires you to stand still and channel in MELEE to deal any damage at all.

I understand that this game is not in active development, so I don’t expect the mirror image AI will be fixed, even though their incosistency makes this build ridiculously volatile.

However, the second issue is something that could be fixed very easily -> Deathwish and the ‘Unwavering Will’ skill passive could have a lingering duration, rather then dropping instantly the moment the player is CC’d, moved or anything like that. It doesn’t have to be long, even 1.5s like Taeguk has would help.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Firebirds are already OP and you’re asking for a buff?!!”

Well, let me tell you, this is a really squishy build with pets dumber than WD gargs. Does it deal high damage? Sure, but it’s so incredibly inconsistent and unreliable, and when you are pushing SOLO, it’s unbelievably frustrating. This is what pushing with the OP Firebirds looks like:

  1. You need a rift with mobs that don’t make you die in 2 seconds like goat spearchuckers, succubi+morlu, sand wasps and many others, as well as all large mobs that knockback like yetis etc, because they just make the game unplayable for you.

  2. You need elites that don’t have - frozen, nightmarish, knockback, arcane enchanted, thunderstorm, teleporter, juggernaut, shielding, as all of these make it impossible for you to deal damage fast enough for it to be worth it. If they’re ranged and move away from you, you skip as well.

  3. Even if all the conditions above are met, you have to pray that your mirror images turn in the right direction and actually deal effective damage, rather than hit the 1 mob on the edge of the pack.

  4. Once mirror images inefficiently clear all the trash and all that’s left is the elite, you now have a 25% chance that mirror images either: 1. run back and forth between the pack and their leash range, 2. stand still and do nothing (yes, seriously, you can literally spawn them in melee range of the RG and they just stare at it), 3. run away to face a wall and do nothing, or 4. they deal damage to the target you want

  5. On top of all the conditions above, you are trying to time the damage of your illusions with CoE rotation. You can take a guess at which times you get knockbacked, feared, get thunderstorm/arcane laser on top of you, and when your illusions get frozen.

  6. And for some goddamn reason, mirror images don’t get CC immunity from shield pylon, so it’s like 20% useful (yay I can’t get knockbacked or feared but my illusions are so I’m doing 0 damage!). And I might be wrong on this, but it FEELS like they don’t get attack speed from a speed pylon either, so that one is effectively worthless, and it’s actually even worse because it’s giving CC diminishing returns to your frozen nova.

But hey, FB wiz is OP. You know, when it hits that 1 in 500 circumstance, where everything works out and it can actually deal proper damage.

TL;DR Please give Deathwish and Unwavering Will a short duration like Taeguk, so they don’t drop the second you get CC’d or forcefully moved.

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So it’s your turn to whine? (Like you accuse others of doing) :wink:
Adele is an appropriate name for your Firebird wiz… Set Fire to the Rain
If you’re lucky enough to get good items with reducing control imparing effects as secondaries it’ll help a bit (but only a little).
Mirror Images are made to work as decoys so maybe it’s a wonder that they often work so well as they do. I totally agree that it can be a frustrating experience to play the build. Some Rift Guardians are also a pain to get down.

So it’s your turn to whine?

I just said people think FB is really strong, but compared to necro&sader their quality of life is horrific. I don’t mind if they nerf the damage, nerfs of damage are to be expected, I’d just like them to do something to improve the build’s QoL, the build is such a PITA to play.

We have to suggest that Ice Climbers emanate next patch.

Whether it is his turn or not is not your fkn business. Fan Susies like you are why terrible games like this exist.

You bought the game too… Smart guy :wink:

Cute. Multiple fallacies in your presumption prove my point. Do you take pride in being obnoxiously dull?

First, this game existed BEFORE I played it. So, what’s your point exactly? Rhetorical question. It is obvious how you did not understand my simple comment.

Second, no, I did not buy it.

Third, games like this exist because simple minded creatures like you keep fan-susieng around.