Flavor of time Stats re - roll help

Hi guys, can you suggest which is the best stats to re roll this Flavor of times. 10 %Movement speed or resistance.

In my opinion, 10% movement speed = 20 paragon points and 93 Resist is about 18 para points. But Movement speed is cap at 25 and there is no cap in resistance…

Stats of FOT
93 resist
Critical 9%
Cooldown 8%
10% movement speed

… you could reroll resist and put the 20 move points into main stat (for a bonus of 100). Looking at it that way what is better for you 100 str, 100 vit or 93 resist?

Answered this in the copy of the thread you made in General Discussion…

Ah i see! I guess amulet = prioritise damage instead of all resist. I actually thinking of all resist initially