<FM> is a new clan. looking to gain long lasting friends into diablo 4

Fear Manifestation
Fear manifestation is a casual online-gaming clan we aim to create strong and lasting relations between gamers of all diversities while maintaining friendly environment. All persons are welcome to join us so long as they follow the policy that insures a safe and enjoyable experience for all players.
We have discord to interact in game and also share our ideals about the games we play and also to share new games to play with the clan.
Diablo 3
We want to find friendly and long lasting players to enjoy diablo with to make a better experience. Aiming to build good friendships leading into diablo 4 :slight_smile:
What we do

  • Level up and build new season chars

  • Rift keys and greater rift keys

  • Help other players with gear

  • push to higher greater level rifts

you can contact me on my battletag which is wesley#2467
thank you for looking :wink:

Your Career Page shows that you haven’t played your non-seasonal heroes since January 2020 and your Season 20 hero is only level 14.

Are any of the other members more involved?

Hello I play Diablo 3 a fair bit but mainly as a solo player. I join groups for bounties and keys and it would be good to run with fellow clan members. I can listen into comms but struggle with joining in with voice to not annoy the missus and kids lol. If this sort of gameplay is ok I would love to join. I do intend playing through to Diablo 4.

I suspect you’re highly unlikely to get a response, or an invite to the clan, as the original poster’s Career Page shows that they haven’t played the game since 8th June, i.e. just under six weeks ago.

Thanks for the info mate appreciate it.