For first season ever, i quit playing Wizard

Title said it all. Wizard, with totally ruined etched sigil and with no proper exchange. I will not play wizard for first time. Don’t know which class i will play (any suggestion?), but really dont want support devs in their ideas, how the hell are twisters funny spell.

You can play necro or wd. They both have a very strong build. Necro - bone spear, and wd - mundunugu/spirit barrage. These are caster builds so some kind of familiriarty with the concept of wizard, perhaps… Necro will be the strongest though. If you like channeling builds, pick one of these 3: Demon hunter - GoD, Monk - Tempest, Barbarian - WW/Rend. I don’t know what to say about crusader since i very rarely touch this class. All of the above sets, with the exception of barb, are season rewards so you will have a very good start this season.

I know that i will go for necro cause this was my favourite necro back in D2, and i really love this build. But i have tried all the others that i mentioned and they are very good.

Actually, I found the change to Etched Sigil to be a welcome one, as it allowed me to make changes to my Wizard build choices that I ordinarily would not have done.

Build choices, I must add, that where immensely successful.

I’ll definitely be playing Wizard again in Season 22.