Fragment of destiny

Hi all.
I have a legacy version of the wand Fragment of Destiny. It´s a primal version and it reads that spectral blade deals 200 % increased damage. The new version of the wand reads “Your Signature Spells attack 50% faster and deal triple damage.”

My question is if there is a damage difference here. That is does “deals 200 % increased damage” amount to “deal triple damage” or no?

Your base damage is 100%.

The legacy one gives…
(100% + 200%) = 300% damage

The new one gives…
(100%) * 3 * 1.5 = 450% damage

Thank you for the response. Where does the *1.5 from the new one come?

Base attack speed = 100%
Bonus attack speed = 50%
Resultant attack speed = 150% = 1.5 times multiplier

Ahh now I get it. It´s my fault for not being clear. Sorry. Both of them makes signature spells attack 50 % faster, I just forgot to write that with the first one.

So that being out of the way, do we agree that their damage bonus is the same? (in a case where you don´t use hydras so that the new spectral buff is useless)

In which case, they become…

The legacy one gives…
(100% + 200%) * 1.5 = 450% damage

The new one gives…
(100%) * 3 * 1.5 = 450% damage

Thanks for the reply Meteorblade. My logic said the same, but I had trouble understanding why they would change the writing then from +200% damage to triple damage.

Well, it’s not the only change. From your description, the legacy version only affects Spectral Blades, whereas the new one affects all signature spells, which includes Spectral Blades, but would also affect the other Signature Spells too.


The new power is quite lengthy… perhaps they ran out of space… if not in English, then in another language… or another platform (on a console, for example). Perhaps going from “deals 200 % increased damage” to “deal triple damage” was just enough of a change to fit the text in.

Or perhaps there’s another reason altogether… who knows…

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Good point. Didn´t think of that.