Frozen Lands / Briggs' Wrath / Strongarm Bracers problem


I’m trying to put together a zNec (Necromancer support build with pestilence) and followed the build from icyveins and raxxanterax. I have the items and have started testing with some friends.

Part of this build is taking Land of the Dead - Frozen Lands; which freezes every monster that comes in the area (huge range, so pretty much all monster freeze as soon as you see them).

Another part is taking up Briggs’ Wrath to pull enemies towards you as soon as they are cursed for the first time. To add extra oomph to this, this build takes up Strongarm Bracers to proc on the pull.

The problem seems to be that the pull effect never happens. Enemies get frozen because of the huge range of FL and once their are frozen they can’t get pulled in anymore. This seems to defy the use of BW and to some extend the SB (they still proc I believe, but monsters are so spread out that the DPS has to run all over the place).

Raxxanterax seems to know his stuff, and Icy Veins seems to be a good resource as well, so it must be something I’m doing wrong. But what is it?