Future Content on D3

Hi guys,

Since Diablo IV is “Not Blizzard Soon”, does that mean Diablo 3 is on Life support ? (AKA Seasons only, No Explansions etc…).

What are your thoughts ?


Don’t expect anything than further patches and seasons. D3 probably have now minimum budget


The thing is, I do think we can expect. since D3 in China is F2P but with Mtx.

So technically, if they develop content to that market, there is no reason for them not to include into ours as well, moreover if they don’t include, it will be a massive backlash.

Or you could inform yourself by taking a look here:

Remember to scroll down and “load more”… if that’s not asking too much :slight_smile:

Not sure what you mean by that,
currently there is a somewhat Hype for Diablo IV, and to retain that hype, releasing content is also a way to go. things that were scrapped can be released free.

It will also will mean to release content to China so that people will spend money on the game.

It is easier to release content to existing game rather building a new one.

it will most likely not be Story related, but things like Nightmare Greater Rifts, that are harder than Greater Rifts with Legendary Gems for the Head / Armor etc…
or generally different Greater Rifts challenges that aren’t timed, but based on things needed to accomplish.

This is an official statement about the future of D3:

Looking at a release date years from now, they have to re-hype it when it’s about to happen, don’t you think?

I don’t know if it’s related. But in the game guide are a lot of new items and stuff I don’t know from the game yet. If your looking in the crafting recipes there are some new “faded” recipes and more. Maybe we see something the next months.

I feel that D3 will have continued seasons until D4 is released at minimum. They’ve announced new sets will be coming to all classes, so new parts are being developed. However, i doubt there will be an expansion, since when ROS was released, the followers mentioned going to highrock (i think) for unfinished business and now they don’t.

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One of my wishes for Diablo 3’s future:

I’d really like to see the “Blizzard” skill in a new set for the sorcerer. It’s an iconic skill and is completely useless, since it has not a single item to improve it.

Seriously!? Didn’t realise it had no legend. Meteors, another favorite gets a set and 3 legendarys.

Fully approve of aiding some of the underused skills.

no hope for the druid i guess?

as far as i know d3 is in maintenance mode only, do patches, bugs and ladder reset only

Last patch introduced 2 new sets, with mention of new sets for the remaining classes. It’s still alive, but I wouldn’t put much hope on new classes or the like.

Possible new items and balance adjustments will be the norm until D4 i think.

D3 is ok like this… Just work hard on D4.

D3 is old, I don’t really expect more content but I am glad to see that it hasn’t yet stopped completely. I’m looking forward to the new Sets.

My final wish is that they will balance the builds and classes before D4 is released, that way the game will reach its potential for what it is, a flawed yet amazing game. Definitely one of my top 5 games since I began playing games back in 1984. But it won’t be legendary without balance/all classes are useful for the content provided.