Game freezing and lagging

Yea been happening to me as well. Cursor moves, but everything is frozen even though the game continues to progress. Then it catches up but for me, it doesn’t always or im stuck in this limbo for a while. It’s super frustrating trying to play at all. I’ve already sent a support ticket and nothing they’ve said has worked. I still think it’s from a windows 10 update and the new season in combination. Who know though. Hope for a fix sometime soon though

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I have had this issue since s20 but ONLY on EU servers I can no longer play group public or otherwise without dc usually when I am teleporting somewhere. It sucks especially solo bounties no fun at all!!!

Oh and of course Blizzard does not accept responsibility. Solution is simple: update your technology & software; use nodes be ahead of the curve, redo changes you made to aspects of S20 patch that caused this problem. You have already lost a lot of players & they do not have confidence in your ability to provide a stable D4 game so I STRONGLY recommend that you fix D3 a long time prior to releasing D4!!!

Peace & Love!

any help would be greatly appreciated. i really want to play, but its extremely difficult to run GR115~120 when the game freezes on me sometimes up to 6 or more times per run. I rarely get through them without a death at this point.

There’s a thread on the US Technical Support forum with confirmation from Blizzard that frequent freezes of the game are a result of the interaction between the game’s sound system and Windows 10’s latest update (2004)…

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Update from US Tech Support…

Same here. This season brought out a new type of lag for me - total freeze for 30 secs or even more. At first it was happening in 4-men pushing, so I thought it was due to the good old area damage + sparks + something else recipe. But then it happened to me in solo, had to reset, it wouldn’t even go away. This morning I can’t even connect to the servers. Again, this is a new thing: it puts me in queue even before verification - in the client itself. And I do have internet, obviously, if I am posting this. I haven’t changed anything since last night. Now something is broken. If servers are down for maintenance, why not give us a heads up as usual?

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Myeah…game froze entirely with the dmg numbers frozen on screen, cannot revive, nothing…except exit game :))) Too bad i-m lazy to post a screen…funny as shit :slight_smile:

Heres the “fix”


I have detailed the “Work Around” or Solution below. I hope this helps in permanently fixing this issue

Step 1: Download Heros of the Storm
Step 2: Go to where its installed: “Example”
D:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes of the Storm\Support64
Step 3: Copy fmodex64_4_44_23.dll to a different directory
Step 4: Rename the file to fmodex64.dll
Step 5: Go to the x64 Folder of D3 " Example"
D:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\x64
Step 6: BattleNet / Settings / Game Install Update / Select Never Automatically Apply Updates
Step 7 : Close Battnet
Step 8 : Replace the fmodex64.dll file in the D:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III\x64 with the one you have just made
Step 9: Launch BNET press PLAY
( Warning )
Sometimes it says UPDATE and you are force to update for then you just close BNET , replace the file and try again.
What happens is you remove ALL GAME SOUND. However this fixes all the 10seconds freezes caused When Running Any Windows OS Patch past 1909


Updating the thread for those who dont want to read a wall of code

By doing my own small amount of investigation and troubleshooting. At least in 2 cases (me and a friend of mine) found out that the problem lied in Realtek audio driver compatibility with last D3 patch and windows 2004 update. Literally disabling on-boar sound and adding a sound card solved all the issues. that was the case with 2 different pc’s experiencing this issue. This does not say it’s 100% the full reason, but gives a very good starting point. The fact that blizzard tech support is literally ignoring this issue for more than a month now is just ridiculous. especially since there are THOUSANDS of people experiencing this issue, though most just don’t bother writing on forums/feedback or stop playing altogether. There is no QA in diablo anymore, otherwise this would have been priority no.1 to have the game fixed…

i experience this multiple times each time i play the game

this thing is happening since season start.

Replacing fmodex64 with different one does not help anymore, it gives even more lag than it was before. Now after replace i got an infinity loading screen -> disconnect from server msg.

any solution?

other games does not get affected. Pretty sure its Blizzard trouble and they dont look forward to fix this. Read from us forums this FMOD error continues from 2013?? really?

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Hell CraZyB,

We’re sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue.

For those experiencing this issue still, for more specific and direct support, please collect your MSINFO as shown here:

and make a ticket at

I have same problem, I read how to fix and did all that and still I get freezing on every map. At first I thought maybe its my hardware, but its absurd. I have 6core cpu, SSD, 16GB of RAM and RX 580 GPU. I think its enough to run Diablo.
After I read some help about this issu I increased my virutal memory, I run battlenet as administrator, I updated my network and GPU drivers to latest version… I really dont know what else to do. And still I have freezing on every map. Blizzard should do something about this.

how can it be the players work to fix this? The game worked better new than now. Gonna fix or compensate us hc players soon? As I see it you own me 50 rank 100 gems by now at least. A “while” to fix . you piss on us hc players really, not all use bots, exploits or whatever. 3 ranked heroes lost since last 2 seasons just cause of this. rank is in rank 50+…

Hardcore is literally unplayable at this point. I’ve lost 2 fully geared characters in the last 3 days and I am playing completely solo on a machine that is 2 years old, both in a GR that I do in less than 3 minutes.
Last season I had the “luxury” to get 2 freezes while in town, so no harm was done, but this season I got it it back with the interest…

Can’t continue playing unless it is fixed.

Joke of a game. This crap is still happening at the moment for a game releashed nearly 10 years ago. So frustrating, every GR now automatically added 15, 20s at least due to freezing death.

Hi, I have the same, game is working for few minutes and crash with no report, or information. This is a bit annyoying.

Thread necro. No MSINFO given.