Gavel of Judgement Build?

Afternoon my fellow Barbs! xD

I got a hell of a roll on a Primal Ancient Gavel of Judgement the other day…my question is this. Is there any build out there that can really utilize this badass hammer wielded? I know most the builds use the hammer cubed, but I was wondering if there was anything that could be pieced together to play around with since i just happened to get it primal and it would be fun to dick around with.

Any thoughts let me know. Thanks! =D

thats unfortunatly all you can do with it.

hota isnt a top build anymore regardless of what weapon you equip but equiping the 2hander will hurt your dps a lot. i think you need remorseless (incr dam) and echoing fury (incr att speed) to make the build work losing either 1 will hurt a lot

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Nope. The only build that utilises it is IK/HOTA or LOD/HOTA and that’s in the Cube. Pretty much the only Barb build that uses an equipped two-hander is LeapQuake with Blade of the Tribes.

That’s what I was afraid of lol. Thanks fellas