Gear of Dreadlands (GoD) Experience

I’m only a moderate player with basic understanding of gear crafting so please don’t be too ruff on me. I just got through setting up and playing the DH GoD set with a few mods from what I’ve seen on the Internet.

It was actually FUN! I thought other moderate players might like to hear how one of their skill level played so they know what to expect.

My gear is a 5-piece GoD set plus a 2-piece Capt. Crimson (belt and pants), Nemesis Bracers, the Traveler’s Pledge and Compass Rose, a Ring of Royal Grandeur, and Wojahnni Assaulter and Sin Seeker. I’ve cubed Unity, Depth Diggers, and Dawn. My keying is LMB Bolos/Freezing Strike , RMB=Rapid Fire/Fire Support, 2=Vengence/Side Cannons, 3=Strife/Icy Trail, 4=Shadow Power/Well of Darkness, and r=Vault/Tumble. One extra point is that i’ts actrually easy to get 100% vengeance uptime with a diamond but NOT Leoric’s Crown as long as you have Dawn cubed.

I’m wearing a Simplicy, Zei’s, and Molten Wildebeest.

The above may sound a little weird, but I’m doing it on a HC so I’m VERY pro-life oriented.

Other than the tweaks for HC, the synergies work as such. I want to maximize my strongest primary and boost it with slowed enemies. Since the play style is up front and close while strafing, Bane of The Trapped or Taeguk may be a better choice, but I like to range attack and stay alive while not in a super frenzy of some kind. The goal is to slow as many enemies as possible for bonuses, get your Momentum set and pop into frenzy mode fo speed killing. Here’s some numbers I use.

Weapon = 8%
OffHand = 8%
Capt. Cr = 20%
Diamond = 12.5%
Formula = 40%
Vengeance = 90 seconds cool down
Cubed Dawn = -65% (31.5 seconds)
CDR = -40% (18.9 seconds with a 20 second uptime = 100%)

Bolos = 1.2M damage
Simplicity (25) x 37.5%
Capt. Cr. (=CDR) x 40%
Cull the Weak x 20%
Depth Diggers x 100%
Momentum stacks x 20%/stack = 200%
6-set bonus x 10,000%
Somewhere in there is the TP/CR bonus of up to 100% while you’re standing still.

Total Bolo Damage = 1679.5M per hit. My math may be off, but it’s still quite a bit. Now you throw in going berserk with Strafe firing that damage instead of the 2.4M coupled with 100% Vengeance adding another 40% (2352%) along with cannons and side cannons and it’s awesome. Wait, what about the down time? Okay, then Bolos is only 559.9M. As for Rapid Fire, it’s simply an extra skill with a little more power if I’m in a blocked rut and Bolos isn’t working.

One suggestion I read was to view Strafe as a movement skill since it’s inherently weak. I disagree. At a 1.37 attack speed it only takes about 4 seconds to max Momentum then you have 20+5 seconds of massive power if you’ve boosted your primary skill as I have.

The actual play is running to or through trash to get near a pack and/or boss. Just before I get there I stop and fire off about 4 seconds of Bolos then hit Strafe that is like whirlwind, but lasts 25 seconds (yes, that’s correct). During that time I travel, kill everything and leave an empty area just behind where I’m about to stop. I stop, pump out 4 more seconds of Bolos and start killing again

I usually run an Impale Shadow Mantel DH. This is almost more fun. I don’t know how it will play in high Greater Rifts, but it may work out better than many think.