Gelmindor's Marrow Guards and Kadala

Can Kadala drop these from Blood Shards?
I’ve been spending over 6k Blood Shards on my lv 70 Necro but no luck.
Maybe I’m doin something wrong? Like there’s some pre-requisite or maybe they can’t come from Kadala but that sounds unlikely.

Thanks for any help.

D3Planner ( ) says they’re available.
It looks as if you’re being unlucky.

Perhaps it’s time to change your approach — have you tried upgrading rare bracers with the Hope of Cain recipe in the cube ? The odds are 1 out 9 of getting the Gelmindor’s.

I did the Rare upgrade thing alternating it with Kadala regularly until I ran out of Death Breaths lol (I had around 800ish)

If it’s just a streak of bad luck it’s ok, I’ll keep spending points I guess.
Thanks for your help Boubou!

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