Getting one shotted at T14

Hey guys. I am kind of new to D3 and not sure what to do next to not get one shotted in GR T14.
This is my crusader: Diablo III
Any help is appreciated!

How come you alive if got one shotted?:sweat_smile:

As the armoury pages don’t show the 4th Cube slot, I’m going to presume your 4th slot is Fate Of The Fell. The jewellery slot is Ring of Royal Grandeur (the armoury never shows that one properly, shows as an empty slot). If I didn’t just catch you in a farming set-up, I’d suggest changing your Cubed armour slot from Nemesis Bracers to Stone Gauntlets. They provide a large amount of armour, which gives mitigation. However, the only proviso to that advice is that you must have sufficient CDR to maintain 100% up-time on Akarat’s Champion, as that is needed to counteract the slowing effect of the gauntlets.

Also, the vast majority of your damage in this build comes from Heaven’s Fury rather than Fist of the Heavens. You have some armour items with bonuses to Fist, that you could re-roll to more useful affixes. Some armour pieces need to be replaced. For example, your helm, you really want one with STR / VIT / 6% CHC. Your boots, reroll the Fist damage to VIT. Gloves, reroll Armour to 50% CHD. If you have a Ramaladni’s Gift available, reroll your flail’s socket into VIT, then re-add the socket using a gift. If you have spare bounty materials, have a go at crafting some Capt Crimson belts, as you want one with STR / VIT / AllRes / 15% Life.

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As helpful as ever, I see.

Take a look at the OP’s Career Page and scroll down to the Fallen Heroes section. You’ll see a level 70 hardcore Crusader that died on 20/12/2020. In other words, his current (alive) Crusader is the replacement for the one that got one-shotted and, presumably, he’s asking for this advice in the hope of not losing this one too.