Gibbering Gemstone

I’ve never posted anything before.and never planned to but I am beyond frustrated at this point. I have cleared Caverns of Frost probably close to 500 times at this point and have not received the Gibbering Gemstone. I’ve been farming it for days and days on end now. I have farmed it on every difficulty from Mastery to Torment 12, which I am farming at right now. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for having to work for something but this is absolutely ridiculous. If i was to get it right now i would still be looking at about a .2% drop rate. Come on now. Any helpful information on getting the Gibbering Gemstone would be greatly appreciated as I’m at my witts end right about now.

I thought that whole quest line thing got removed?

Nope, you can still craft a Staff of Herding.

Difficulty doesn’t make a difference with the gibbering gemstone drop rate. It can be just finicky to have drop.

If you hate this, don’t go looking for griswald’s worn edge or wirt’s original leg…both of which are rarer than the gibbering gemstone…