Give us back 200% on Lamentation belt

4.4k paragon Barbarian and still cant kill nothing on GR if i team up with New set for Monk and WD . U remember when all cry for nerf babas ?! , wtf is the prob ?. Pls give it back that we need so WW-REND can be better on GR over 120 . we now are way behind .
One more thing : Way cant we go with Area Damage on in public GR ?, if we do go with it we got instantly LAG over 110 . So unfear so fix that to asap // a

I did a solo GR125 with around 750 less paragon than you…

…and that was on day 1 of Patch 2.6.8 just to get on the Leaderboards after the era reset. I’m pretty sure with some fishing I could get that to 128.

If you want to be going any higher than that, you’re probably going to have to play a support Barb if you plan on grouping.

Also, if you mean this hero…
…unless you were speedfarming when you logged out of her, you should be using Slanderer / Little Rogue for pushing, and you don’t have a Flavor of Time amulet to double pylon durations. You’ve also got Whirlwind / Wind Shear and Battle Rage / Swords to Ploughshares, which are what you’d take if using Istvan’s Paired Blades. If you’re using the Bul Kathos blades, it should be Whirlwind / Blood Funnel and Battle Rage / Into The Fray. You also don’t have Ancient Spear / Rage Flip for gathering mobs.