GoD set bonus question

The 2 set bonus
“Gain 4 seconds of momentum when attacking with a primary skill, at a maximum duration of 20seconds”

So first question, does every shot from primary skill give 1 stack?
Because in my experience so far, it seems to be % based?
I’ve shot up to 10 shots without getting a stack.

And even trying to maintain it, it seems like i need to shoot sooo much in order for any stacks to build up. Kinda hard atm since the mobs do alot of dmg on me at GR70, hell one shotting. So i can’t afford to stand still for to long, but if i even wanna hit 20 seconds on it, i need to shoot for about 5-10+ seconds.

I was under the impression that 1 shot = 4seconds to the stack.
But that doesn’t seem to be the case at all.

Any clarification how the set bonus work?

Each primary attack adds 4 seconds (=stacks) to momentum stack.

The stack always keep decreasing. So, you need to spawn primary frequently. I used to spawn every second or so.

Tip: bind primary skill to keyboard for convenience. I like to use Space Bar.

Set(4) bonus: strafe will spawn primary skill when it hits an enemy. So, you want to strafe all the time as possible because strafe shoots much faster than manual. As strafe is a shooting-while-moving skill, you don’t stand still.

Note that primary spawned by strafe don’t grant momentum stacks. Also, the primary don’t treated as strafe and won’t be buffed by strafe bonuses.

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Hunch incoming. Let’s take a look at your Demon Hunter

As I suspected, you’ve got the one-handed crossbow Calamity equipped. Please see any of these 39 threads from the Bug Report forum as to why that’s not a good idea, due to that weapon causing precisely the issue you’re experiencing, i.e. primary attacks not generating momentum stacks properly. Switch to other weapons as soon as you can.


What really?
Dude, thanks alot. I will man.
I had no idea that was a thing. Appreciate it!