Got lags on my barb

Hello there!
1st: thank you for keeping this game alive.
2nd: fuck you for making this report so hard to find, couse it took my bout five minutes to find place to write it. Still I don’t even sure if I’m placing it in a wright place.
3rd: the only char I got lags is my season barb Zubov. Lagging only during any town activities. For ex: press ‘c’ opens char window and loads every pictures from 5 to 30 seconds.

Escape > Options > Video > Quality > Texture Quality > High / Low

If it’s set to High, set it to Low, apply the changes, set it back to High and apply the changes.
If it’s set to Low, set it to High, apply the changes, set it back to Low and apply the changes.

This usually resolves the issue for that game session, but you may need to do it every time you run the game. This has been infrequently reported in the Tech Support forum for a couple of years at this point, with no hint of an actual fix. There are also reports that the delay before icons are displayed depends on which town your hero’s in at the time.