Great news for Barbarians but they need more work

Great news Mortick’s brace are back in the game this is a solid all round buff but barbarians need 100% uptime on wrath of the berzerker like demon hunters need 100% uptime on vengeance and crusaders on akarat’s champion on certain builds. I think its finally time to dump the useless rend buff on the wrath of the wastes set and add 60% CDR to wrath of the berzerker, whirlwind barbs need this badly.

I do not agree, the ww barb set is alredy too OP as is imo. Allowing 100% uptime for abilities like this is a mistake in the first place.

This is so far from being right it’s not even funny. Please read this…

I agree that barb need some buffs and balancing to create more build diversity. But the ww set does not need to get buffed, it needs a complete rework imo. Its ridicilous that someone can just cast his buffs and casually hold m2 through an entire rift, now whats fun with that? Every time me and my friends end up in a party with a ww barb, we just leave. They either blast through the rift leaving the party behind or they do nothing at all. The cc and healing potential on ww builds is insane, you can just spin around forever healing to max every second.

I am having a major struggle surviving with Season 19 WW build. It use to be tough as nails, but now you can get one shot killed in GR75+ like clockwork. I have the latest top tier build and it hits like a mack truck but is squishy as hell. My DH build is WAAAYYYY stronger than this barb build. I have already conquered GR110 with a group of 4 and survived no worries with the DH build, but the WW build is weak and gets stopped at GR80. I am dying like 4 times per run. Have they nerfed the Barb this season?

No, you don’t.

Compare your WW/Rend hero versus mine…

You have Whirlwind runed with Wind Shear, which isn’t required due to the immense fury regen that the BK weapons give, so you should rune it with Blood Funnel which gives healing on critical hits.

As you’re now getting enough healing from WW/BloodFunnel, you can change the rune on Battle Rage from Swords to Ploughshares to Into The Fray, which massively increases your damage when in density.

Your bracers have Life on Hit on them, which you should re-roll to 20% Physical damage, as that makes a huge difference to the damage that Rend / Bloodbath does.

Your chest and shoulders both have %Life on them. They should have 15% Rend damage on them.

You’re using the Skull Grasp ring. This boosts the damage of Whirlwind, but vast majority of the build’s damage now comes from Rend, not Whirlwind. You should change it for Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac for a huge amount of CDR.

I’m betting that you don’t have enough CDR to maintain 100% up-time on WotB as you don’t have any on your shoulders, weapons or amulet.

Speaking of your amulet, you’ve taken a Squirt’s, which is a terrible choice, as it only gives a damage boost whilst you’re not taking damage, and it means you take even more damage when you do get hit. WW/Rend is a melee range build. You’ll be getting hit all the time. The recommended amulet for the build is a Flavor of Time, which doubles the time that pylon buffs last for. Having Conduit or Power last 1 minute rather than 30 seconds is a huge deal.

Your hero is paragon 805 and can’t survive in GR75.
Here’s my hero with 701 paragon…

I suspect the reason you’re struggling is due to not having 100% up-time on WotB and/or not maintaining the mitigation effect of the Band of Might by not Ground Stomping often enough. Also, if you’re dying at such a low level of GR, Ancient Spear / Rage Flip could be swapped out for Ignore Pain / Ignorance Is Bliss.

For a full breakdown of how to play the new WW/Rend, check out Free’s guide on the US Barbarian forum…

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