Grift not recorded, insane lags

Finished yesterday a 132 grift(previous best 131) and not recorded in leaderboards nor in my profile. This is a massive bug that shall be fixed asap! It is not only that you grift complete may not be stored, but if the progress is not saved then might be you find an item that after that will not be stored and lose it…

What about massive lags in public games? We are in 2020, you can find now cheap performant servers Blizzard. Not to mention that in last period I get lags in solo also in some maps. I have 500Mb/s internet conection, 1ms ping and >400Mb/s constant upload and download on speedtest, performant PC far better than D3 requirenments.
Will Diablo 4 suffer of this lags also?


Got same issue i cleared 127 yesterday and its not been recorded all i see is my old clear which is 122. Hope they are working on it and fix this problem soon.

  • I think this issue starts happening after the latest maintenance that they performed on Tuesday. there was no issues before that.

Just to note my shard cap is increased after my solo clear but only issue is that 127 clear is not recorded on my profile hoping to get a reply or at least to let us know they are aware of this issue and they are working on a fix.

Edit: seems its been fixed a friend cleared 132 and its updated on his profile i will try 130 later tonight :slight_smile:


It’s not fixed. I just did a 115 HC monk and should be top50, but it wans’t updated.


yes, not fixed, might work or not, depending on luck.

Same here. Did a 146 in 3-man and not on the leaderboards. I have screenshot to prove we completed it. Any way to get this fixed / recorded?

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Sadly only way to get it is reclear it once they have fixed it :confused:

not working for me either, no improved clears being recorded :frowning:

Me too same problem . My record is not listed in my profile ( i have screen)

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:

still happening. really really demoralising…

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I am almost certain that something screw up for my first seasonal journey gift item making it harder to complete the set. I do not remeber reciving that one.
Not that it matter anyome and the Firebird set isn’t that good anway.

There seem to be some odd thinking regarding the choice of set to reward with for the seasonal journey. For instance when the wizard used to get the Vyr set that set in my opion is absolutley useless out of the box. You need the full sett and then some items on top of that or you will get nowhere fast when NOT in archon. To stay in archon form you need to be lucky to get the right other items to drop.

A seasonal journey set should give good bonuses from the two pieces set bonus and up without requirement for specific other items that one may have failed to get. It should be the set you use to get those other items.