H90S Second Weapon and some other Questions

Hi there im rather new and do enjoy the frenzy barb a plenty.
Kelky on the seasonal is my main.

I just want to discuss secondary weapon options with you, so i can choose whitch one i shuld roll a ancient.

What i understand:
most use Azurewrath (freeze, +cold dmg, knocking for bracers trigger, 1,4 base attack speed)
but because i dig lightning
i currently enjoy echoing fury (75% attack speed and move speed)
because i use parthian bracers (dmg resi for each enemy stunned)
i was thinking about odyns son (lighting dmg +% and aoe stun with wyrdward)
then there is also sankis axe for the 35% dmg resi buff and fire dmg.

what do you prefer and why?

There’s a section in the guide discussing variants, which includes possible off-hands, i.e. azurewrath, echoing fury, stormshield, and so on.

Personally, I prefer azurewrath over echoing fury because it’s a melee-range build. Whilst feared mobs take extra damage, they’re also running away from you. It’s much easier to manage frozen mobs which stay in place. As for Sankis, the “fight through the pain” is a result of your hero being hit, not your hero hitting stuff, so it doesn’t proc more often based on the number of Frenzy stacks you have.

Thank you i will read it :slight_smile:
I am at GR 100 now and my issue is not so much damage as being onehit thats why i am stacking as much defence as i can and use lightning with wyrdward and resi per stunned enemy bracers. the other benefit being that aoe stun also doubles aoe dmg. but yeah the fearing is a nuisance. idk why somebody would put that on the weapon…

P.S: he does not discuss i wyrdward with EF and lightning damage

so its essentially:
coldamage with Azure 20% inc cold 1.4 base aoe freeze + Convention 200% dmg in the cycle
lightning with EF 75% inc speed 1.2 base aoe stun with wyrdward + avg 50% dmg resi from parthians

azure freeze is better against Rift Bosses
EF lightning better against yellows blues and trash (quicker stricken stack but no EF buff against boss)

am i right?

well i forgot with azure freeze you could switch the parthians to lacunis or swap to aughilds…
love the game

The usefulness of Echoing Fury is dependant upon the number of stacks of Frenzied (that’s the buff from EF, not the stacks of Frenzy the Barb ability) you can maintain. However, those stacks are obtained / refreshed on kills, not hits. This means the higher GRs you push, the less often you’re killing stuff, which leads to it being harder to maintain stacks of Frenzied. It’s fine for speed-farming, or low level GRs, but the higher you push, the less useful it becomes.

Also, as for Guardians, if you get one without adds, EF isn’t useful at all, as you’re not killing anything to maintain the stacks. If you get a Guardian with adds, you’ll get stacks, but some of your Stricken stacks will be wasted on the adds.

Wyrdward isn’t used on the hero. You’d either have to be giving up COE (big loss of damage) or BOM (big loss in mitigation). It’s not worth it.

If you like the style of H90, but find it too squishy, in the upcoming Season 22 where seasonal heroes will have access to a 4th Cube slot, there’s some interesting discussion on the US Barbarian boards about hybridising 5 pieces of Immortal King with 2 pieces of H90, and playing HOTA. H90/Frenzy and IK/HOTA play quite similarly, but IK/HOTA has a lot more survivability due to incoming damage being shared between the hero and the Ancients. By including the 2 pieces of H90, IK/HOTA gets the benefits of doubled shouts.

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man thank you a lot!
your assesment of EF is absolutely right, i agree.
furthermore the fearing is killing EF build.
wyrdward pathians is my lazy alternative to BoM because i dont want to keep track of charge every 6 second. + wyrd aoe stuns so that i get aoe double dmg.

but you convinced me on EF vs Azure i will switch. thank you.
i will check if i lakuny or aughilds and prolly wil cube COE even tho i dont like the bumpyness.

cheerio mate and thx again.

For min-maxing, ideally you want to pop Wrath of the Berserker to match when your CoE cycles to the element you’ve chosen for Frenzy, preferably whilst stood in an Oculus circle your follower has generated.

However, if you’re not concerned with that level of having to watch stuff, just thump the mobs until they fall over safe in the knowledge that sometimes CoE will be helping more than others.

Personally I like running In Geom.

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