Hammerdin Build maxed out?

I am following the hammerdin with blessed hammer and seeker of light build, from icy veins.
I’m maxing out at about GR80.
Should I switch builds (If so, any recommendations?) or can I modify/add to what I have now?


Currently, the highest GR pushing build for Crusader is…

The highest solo Crusader on EU, Season 20, is a GR142 using this set / build.

I just completed GR87 on my Hammer crusader (just returned to the game after years of a break). Your gear looks a little better than mine, and your paragon is higher.

You should make sure that you have cube items in place. I see no reason you cant get to higher GR’s than me.

The opening post was made four months ago and, looking at the OP’s Career Page, they haven’t played the game since 7th July, i.e. over seven weeks ago. I suspect they quit the game.