Have they changed vengance? im at 37% cdr, but its not at 100% uptime

is it changed since i played a few seasons ago?


I suspect that it’s your ethereal weapon.

Both the Dawn in the cube and the ethereal Buriza have the “Reduce the cooldown of Vengence by xx%” power. Since the powers won’t combine, the game uses the weapon power instead of the cube power. So, your Vengeance is only getting 51% cooldown reduction, not 65%.

You’re actually harming yourself by having the same power on your ethereal weapon and on the cube weapon… because you’re not getting the full benefit in Vengeance cooldown reduction. If you can, use a weapon that doesn’t have Vengeance cooldown reduction, or use another weapon in the cube. Currently, having Dawn selected in the cube doesn’t benefit you .

Best of luck in your games.

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so it says 37% cooldown reduction in your stats? You have maxed out you cdr in your paragon points too, right?