Helltooth Set - Improving my gear

Hi everyone,
I am a relatively new player, started back in November last year because my wife is playing Diablo 3. I am used with the genre, having played other similar games in the past, just not D3.

I have three characters, all endgame, but today I’d like to focus on the Witch Doctor.
I am presenting you Kaktusa!

It’s a “glass canon” build, relying on pets to keep baddies at bay, avoiding damage and quickly clearing mobs using 3x Wall of Death casting and so on. I can do Torment X adventures comfortably and reached Grifts level 55 killing the Guardian in about 10-15 seconds.

My question is: based on current gear, what should I look for in order to improve my build?

Thank you in advance for your answers!


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Thank you. I am going to need to grind a bit more, because I don’t yet own some of those items. But at least I know what I should be aiming for, thank you!

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I imported your hero into d3planner

Here’s your Witch Doctor in current gear…

  • Damage 662,601
  • Toughness 24,245,230
  • Recovery 2,752,244

Immediate things I noticed were that you’re using a Ruby in your weapon (grants base damage) rather than an Emerald (grants 130% Critical Hit Damage) and that you hadn’t spent any of your Paragon points (Press P in-game to see the Paragon allocation window. Build guides will often give you a priority for which stats to allocate to first. I’ve just best-guessed as I don’t play WD much at all).

Here’s your Witch Doctor with an Emerald and the Paragon points allocated…

  • Damage 859,764
  • Toughness 30,754,528
  • Recovery 3,484,867

Paragon points are all allocated, not sure why they don’t show in the character window.
I can switch the Ruby around and put an Emerald in that weapon slot.

LE: I have made a few small modifications, damage output is better now, once I get The Compass Rose and a Ramaladni’s Gift, I will be able to switch to Scrimshaw and further improve the build.