Help for higher rifts

Hello, i have just played Diablo a short time. Trying to read and watch youtube to learn but yea, its a looot!

Just want to hear what you guys think of this set and what I need to change to make it better. I manage GR100 but not on a good time and it stops there. All help is much appreciated.

This is always the go-to guide for all things WW/Rend related…

It contains highly detailed advice about gearing, weapon choices, rune choices, how to play speed-farming, farming, pushing, explanations as to why Area Damage is so important (manually applied Rends benefit, auto-applied ones from Ambo’s Pride do not), whether to include the Captain Crimson set or not (it’s not really worth it sub 5K paragon), and so on. There is some Season 22 specific advice in there, but it’s way down in the thread. Summary…

Equipped weapon 1: The Slanderer
Equipped weapon 2: Little Rogue
Equipped ring 1: Focus
Equipped ring 2: Restraint

Cube Weapon: Ambo’s Pride
Cube Armour: Mantle of Channelling
Cube Jewellery: Band of Might
Cube Wildcard: Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac

Swap in the BK weapons when speed-farming, IPBs for pushing. You essentially drop the usual CoE for the bonus of Focus + Restraint in S22.

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