Help me decide what this game has to offer?

I am looking to buy this game but the cost of it its too much for me any where I can buy this for less diablo 4 pc game.

Also, what has changed since it has been launched, Are there any class that uses shield magic abit like tassadar in heroes of the storm?

Diablo 3 eternal collection €19.99. That’s cheap.

D3 reminds me of merlin and new tristram of camelot, where king Arthur is tyrael, the enchantress is morgana and the wizard is merlin

looking for Diablo 4…

The way you wrote it didn’t make it clear, to me at least…

This is D3 forum. So assuming you are talking about D3.

And I also assumed that you meant to write: “for less than diablo 4” and just forgot the “than”. It’s Christmas so maybe you are in luck? :santa:

Ive decided to buy Baldurs Gate 3 after looking at this

Baldurs Gate is a very beautiful game but I would advise you to wait before you purchase it. The games main story is very short and so far there is no official word on possible expansions. Indeed it may never get another update …ever.
D4 may not be as beautiful and it may be more expensive but you will be guaranteed years of updates and new content. In terms of value for money, D4 is a much better choice. Or better still, just download Diablo Immortal for free. It had a very rocky start but it has gotten MUCH better in the last year