How do you actually get better after full set?


I have played this game for years but this is the first time I’m actually getting serious about it and I am just wondering how do you get better after finding all the gear you need?

I’m using [Crusader Roland’s Sweep Attack Build] from Icy-Veins and i have every piece needed (exept some of the stat orders and the Ramaladni’s Gift gem) but i still suck.

After obtaining everything in that build is reforging for Primal the only way of getting better?

I have the full build but can’t get past Greater Rift 75…
What am I missing?

Thankfull for your input =)

  1. Helm - STR, 6% CHC, 15% Sweep
  2. Shoulders - STR, VIT, All Res, 8% CDR
  3. Amulet - STR, 6% CHC, 10% CHD, Socket
  4. Chest - STR, VIT, All Resist
  5. Gloves - STR, 10% CHC, 50% CHD, 8% CDR
  6. Bracers - STR, VIT, 6% CHC, 20% Elemental Damage (matching the element on the rune of your main attack, i.e. Fire if you’re using Blazing Sweep)
  7. Belt - STR, VIT, All Res, Life Regen or 15% Life
  8. Pants - STR, VIT, All Res
  9. Ring 1 (COE) - STR, 6% CHC, 50% CHD
  10. Ring 2 (Rose) - STR, 6% CHC, 50% CHD, 8% CDR
  11. Main Hand - STR, 10% Damage, 24% Area Damage, Life on Hit, Socket (Ramaladni’s)
  12. Boots - STR, VIT, All Resist, 15% Sweep
  13. Shield - STR, VIT, 10% CHC, 8% CDR

Getting the right items is just the first step, then you need to get the right items with the correct affixes, at high values of those affixes. Then you need to find Ancient (or Primal Ancient) versions, as they have higher affix values. Ancients (or Primal Ancients) can have Caldesann’s Despair applied to them (recipe 10 in the Cube) which can add huge amounts of main stat (and therefore damage + armour) to your hero. Swap out the Rubies in your Chest and Pants for Diamonds, as the extra All Resist (for survivability) is more important than the small damage increase you get from the STR from the Rubies.

As an example…

With your current gear…

Sweep Damage

  • Cost: 14.72 Wrath
  • DPS: 8,672,064
  • Damage: 4,782,791
  • DoT Damage: 1,576,723
  • Breakpoint: 44 frames

With ancients having suggested affix changes…

Sweep Damage

  • Cost: 16 Wrath
  • DPS: 26,660,422
  • Damage: 15,517,907
  • DoT Damage: 4,921,749
  • Breakpoint: 46 frames

Okay, if we now add on Rank 100 Caldesann’s Despair augments…

  • Cost: 16 Wrath
  • DPS: 40,963,279
  • Damage: 23,842,997
  • DoT Damage: 7,562,183
  • Breakpoint: 46 frames

So, going from your base gear, to ancient, augmented gear with the correct affixes would take your damage from 4,782,791 to 23,842,997. That’s an increase of 4.985 times damage. Each GR level increase gives mobs 17% more HP, and that increase is cumulative, i.e. if you increase the GR level by X, mobs will have (1.17)^X as much health, and your damage needs to increase by the same amount to beat them in time. Okay, so…

(1.17)^10 = 4.807
(1.17)^11 = 5.624

…which means you’d be able to beat GRs at 10-11 higher than in current gear.

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