How much CDR for a WW Barb

Is there a target CDR for a Rend Barbarian to keep Wrath of the Berserker up 100% of the time?

Is there a limit on how effective Area Damage is?

All covered in the WW/Rend guide thread on the US forums…

CDR values on gear will depend on whether you’re playing solo or in groups as there’s the possibility of having the Enchantress follower when solo and she can give 10% CDR as one of her abilities, which can mean you can roll off CDR on another item. (Alternatively, you can keep the CDR on gear and get the Enchantress to give you another 10% Physical bonus).

As for Area Damage, it’s extremely effective if you’re at the point where you’re grouping up huge amounts of mobs (we’re talking hundreds) with spear, then ground stomping them into an Oculus circle, during the Physical cycle of CoE and manually casting the Rends (Rends that are auto-cast by Ambo’s Pride do not benefit from AD but Rends that are manually cast do) as this will absolutely obliterate trash mobs.

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Thanks - that was useful.

I do have a question on how do you start to generate Fury at the start of the rift. As you have 0 fury you can’t start to Whirlwind.

You have three choices…

  1. At the start of the GR, you can use Ground Stomp to generate Fury and then start spinning into mobs and Wind Shear will build your fury up quickly, and you need to get Wrath of the Berserker up really quickly for the mitigation.
  2. You need your Istvan’s Paired Blades and Bul-Kathos mighty weapons in your Inventory. Whilst you’re stood in town next to the obelisk, equip the BKs, wait for your fury to be filled, and have the obelisk at the point where you just need to accept. Swap to the Istvan’s and click “Accept” on the obelisk. You’ll enter the GR with the fury you had stood in town and can immediately cast Wrath of the Berserker and Ground Stomp to be back at full fury and Wind Shear will take care of the rest of the GR.
  3. If you don’t have BK weapons available there’s an alternative, albeit slower, way to do the same thing. Change one of your passives to Unforgiving, wait for your fury to reach maximum, change your passive back to what it was and start the GR.

The second and third options are safer, as you have your mitigation up before you might get hit.

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Thanks again.

I was using the “setting one passive to Unforgiving in the base” method while I waited for the Fury to maximize. I thought I was doing something slightly dodgy/cheesy doing that but I guess it’s ‘the done thing’.

I have found even on GR102 the packs at the start can be a fair distance apart.

I do have the Istvan’s Paired Blades as I use them on the T16 GRs and bounties - with different passives. I may start equipping them to get the Fury up before I start the GR to see if it’s any quicker.

For rifts and bounties, use the BK mighty weapons, not Istvan’s. Not only do you not need to worry about fury generation, you also get a huge boost of run speed.