How to combine Heaven's Fury shotgun with Fist of Heavens

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My man Meteorblade with another brilliant answer and reply! I am getting the hang of it, still far from BiS I cannot do very well in GRs, but here is another thing I don’t understand and an answer would be much appreciated, Fate of Fell dropped for me and I cubed it along with stone gauntlets and thunder fury or another ring, the question is, if I leave “Fist of Heavens” on right click (attack) how can I use efficiently the “shotgun” Heaven’s Fury because I keep depleting wrath on left click…

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Yeah… the new forum still has you classified as TL 0

You need to:

Your profile shows you’ve only read 4 different topics… so my guess is, read a few more topics (there’s lots of them on General Discussion)… that should bump you up to TL 1 and then you will be able to do more replies.