How to rename my hero

Hi to everybody,
I would like to ask you if there is any way to rename my hero without deleting him.
Now i am in lvl 70 and paragon lvl 100.

You could create a new hero, get a power level/boost to 70 and transfer the gear.

Like Jazz said, basicly only way to do that. There are people online to help you with this, on HC anyway, I’m in 2 communities,
search from those on ‘power boost’/leveling or something like that. Just remember to toss your gear to stash for new character.

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Yes i would like to change the name of the current hero…but i can’t.
Yes i am the only one to see the name…they have to give us that choice.

I’ve seen requests for this since the game came out and Blizzard have given zero indication that they’d consider it. As the game’s been out for over eight years now, I think it’s safe to say they won’t implement it, especially when you can use the workaround of taking your current hero’s gear off, putting it into the Stash, deleting the hero, creating a new hero with the name you want, having it power-levelled to 70 in 10 minutes, and put the gear onto it from the Stash.

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How can i do that? And what about my equipment?

The instructions are in the post you replied to but sure, let’s spell it out…

  1. Take all of your current hero’s gear off and put it into your Stash
  2. Do the same for your hero’s followers
  3. Make a note of their build, i.e. which abilities / runes they have
  4. Delete that hero
  5. Create a new level 1 hero with the name you want
  6. Shout out in General Chat in-game and ask for a power-level
  7. The power levelling process (where a level 70 runs you through a couple of Torment 6 Nephalem Rifts) will get your new hero to 70 in 10-15 minutes
  8. Put the abilities / runes you made a note of at step 3 onto your new hero
  9. Take the gear out of the Stash that you put in at steps 1 and 2 and put it onto your hero / followers
  10. Re-allocate your paragon points

And with the small number of heroes Paladin seems to have he doesn’t even have to delete one of them before creating a new.

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Thanks Jazz
I have one hero and i want to be very careful whatever i do.

Thx. And thank Meteorbl’aid’ for the most detailed answer on how to do it.

In here Finland we have this little saying: “Pitääkö piirtää?!?!”
This ‘10 count information table’ goes as much as ‘This is as far I can go without playing the game for you…’

But - on software you are ‘locked’ with characters, as long you want to… go HC and You run out of good names for them :wink:

I 'd say the fastest way is to create a new character and ask someone to power level you it will take 5-10 minutes at max and then you can equip all your gear to your second character. If you want to do it solo for whatever reason, use gem of ease in your lvl70 weapon slot, ruby in your helmet and start at a torment level of difficulty instead of normal/hard/expert…

Jazz said that 11 days ago.

Many thanks to Meteorblade Toopez Yukos and all users for the important instructions that gave to me. I would try to apply them.