How to switch between character/classes during gameplay?

I’m sure that this question has been asked before but i am new to the Diablo series that is why asking it again.
Is it possible to switch between characters in current game ? like at start of the game i make 2 characters example barbarian and monk
I started the game with barbarian and progress a bit further then in middle i want to play the game with monk or i have to play with other character from the start of the game ?

Like as in Darksiders Genesis we are able to switch between the two playable characters during current game play with each having their own health bar, kindly reply thanks.

No, you can’t switch toons midgame. Character selection is in the main menu.

Ok bud, kindly tell me on the menu screen during game play it says to press /_\ to change the character if i change it i have to play again from the start of the game ? it won’t continue with the new character where i am at the moment in the game ? like it says 13 slots are available to create new character ? thanks for your reply

It sounds like you’re still progressing through Campaign Mode, i.e. following the storyline through the five Acts. If that’s the case, in the menus you can choose any of the acts / chapters that you’ve already completed / reached and start from there. Once you’ve completed the Campaign, this unlocks access to Adventure Mode, which allows you to visit any Act / Map in the game, and gives access to Nephalem Rifts, Bounties and Greater Rifts (these are level 70 only).

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@Meterorblade yes i am playing the campaign mode right now can you please give me a video link in which characters are change during game play

If playing solo, you cannot change heroes whilst staying in the same game.
You exit the game, then choose Switch Hero, and select the hero you want.
With the hero selected, click on Game Settings.
This will show the Act and Quest you’re currently on…

If you click on Change, you can then select any Act / Quest you’ve previously completed / reached…

You can then play through from that point on the hero you selected.

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@MeteorBlade for illustrating in such detail really appreciate it
Bingo !!! today i played with 2 characters i made and understand now how the game mechanics works, so you can only select one class and one hero/heroine to end the game with, today with one character i reached level 15 then i switch the hero and it was same on the level 4 and stage where i left it.
No doubt its a wonderful superb game and very easy to play on the console with controller
@MeteorBlade, i am a bit confused to my understanding i can start the game with one class/character build its level and have to end the game with the same class/character did i understood right ?
The reason i asked for it, i am wondering if there is any other way to build 2 characters from 2 different class simultaneously or is it done one at a time like to start a game with one class and same character from that class then end it, then start another game with another class/character ?

I am playing off the xbox disk. I am playing in campaign mode. I am on act 1. (Kill the butcher) can i change character without losing my place? I tried to add different types of material for my character but it is not working. The material i collect during the game for some reason i can not use?