I Don't Understand! (Need WD Help)

I don’t know if I’m missing anything at all, but I’ve noticed a lot now when elites are around 25% HP, including rift guardians, I’ll randomly instantly kill the pack hitting for like 95Trillion with the new barber Mundungu’s set.

For calcification, this happens regardless of whether I’m standing still channeling or stutter stepping to proc the barber. I seriously don’t understand what’s causing this…

When you’re applying Spirit Barrage stacks the damage can be detonated in one of two ways…

  1. Manually - You stop casting
  2. Automatically - The damage stacked on the mob exceeds its current health

Basically, any mob (whether it’s trash, elite or guardian) will instantly die once the amount of damage in your Spirit Barrage stacks exceeds their remaining health.

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Okay, thank you very much for this.