I don't understand this?!

non season paragon level 2023 not clearing greater rift 114 vs. season paragon level 1366 clearing greater rift 114. This is the same barb with the same build. But with more paragon levels after season end. Is it just me or is it harder on non season?

Season 19’s Pandemonium theme, with the effects caused by the killstreaks, was a huge boost to the GR level you could clear. Now that you’re back to non-season, you have to kill the mobs rather than relying on the pandemonium effects.


But it is insain that I can’t do the same greater rift with 700 more paragon points. #amirite? But you are right about that pandemonium thing helping out a lot.

Barbs were able to solo GR150 in Season 19. Here’s an example…

If you pay attention, you’ll see that in the whole run the Barb himself probably kills less than 50 mobs. Almost the entire progress is from pylons and the effects from the killstreaks. It was possible for the 500 killstreak angels to destroy GR150 guardians in a couple of seconds.

Some four-man GR teams no longer took a RGK. Instead they took a support monk, two pull Barbs and a wizard, and they relied on timing the killstreaks right so that the angels did the guardian kill.

Prior to S19, the highest I’d managed on my WW/Rend Barb (non-seasonal) with around 3200 paragon was around GR115. During the season, on a Barb with around 2300 paragon, I did a GR128. So, with 900 paragon less, I did 13 GR ranks higher.

After the season ended, and my seasonal and non-seasonal XP was combined, my non-seasonal WW/Rend Barb had around 3600 paragon. Over half his gear is primal. Every slot has at least a 625 STR Caldesann’s Despair applied to it. He has around 10K more STR than my seasonal Barb did. I’ve managed a GR125 on it, and I can’t for the life of me manage to get a GR126 and I suspect I won’t until I get a Festering Woods / Battlefields of Eternity, with good mob types, and a good early combo of a Power and Conduit pylon placement.

That’s how powerful the Season 19 buff was.

11k paragon barb all primal ancient with 150cal on gear can barely clear 140 needs to fish for map and mobs. Season 19 we had a huge damage buff due to kill streak but I think s20 barbs won’t be doing that well and the new set is like meh

EU, Era 2019-2, non-seasonal, solo Barb, Rank 1 is a GR145 in 13 min 43 sec
You have to go down to Rank 18 to find the first GR140.
One of those GR140s was done by someone with 6188 paragon.

I was looking at the EU Era2 and compared to Chinese ones apparently they cleared 146 sub 10k I was watching the wrong LB and my apologies for that. Anyway the build was very interesting my guess is you need one of these Act4 huge maps with tons of elites and well placed pylons

High level WW/Rend clears rely on Festering Woods or Battlefields of Eternity as the maps, with good mobs, and useful pylons. You need to get skilled with Ancient Spear / Rage Flip for gathering huge packs of mobs, then popping a Conduit and/or Power pylon to clear pretty much an entire map’s worth of enemies at once.