I kill the trash mobs and only the elite/champiob us left

For GoD

Like I’m doing GR112 and I round up the mobs around the elite but I end up killing the trash mobs with the elite still having around 50% life and it becomes very hard to kill coz there no trash mobs surrounding the elite and I cant pierce anything to increase damage.

I use the stricken, simplicity, taeguk and vallas.

You can use Aughild’s set on bracer and shoulder. It gives you 30% increased damage against elites.

In a way Aughild’s gives more than 30% increased damage to elites. The two set bonus is 30% damage overall and then the three set bonus damage to elites on top of that.
Anyway Aughild’s doesn’t seem to be the best choice for GoD.

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Using rorg in cube will provide 3 set bonus of aughild set and 30% is a huge amount of damage. Why do you think it’s not the best choice?

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I’m no expert myself so I just follow (mostly) the guides and what other players show and say.

Aughild’s is not recommended and is not used by any on the (solo) leaderboards (haven’t checked all positions of course). With Aughild’s you lose Wraps of Clarity which is up to 50% damage reduction which is probably worth more than the combined reduction from the two and three piece bonus, and you also lose CoE where the four seconds worth of 200% extra damage (as a separate multiplier) somehow is worth more than Aughild’s… or at least it makes up for the loss of damage by not wearing Aughild’s.

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I can see that you have changed your hero a bit and now use the full set. You can now switch between Elusive ring or Convention of elements in the cube to see what works best.
You should roll attack speed to cooldown on gloves because you attack speed shouldn’t be over 1,66 (it should be in the area between 1,50 and 1,66 based on Wudijo’s advice in a video and the guide on maroll.gg) and then you can probably roll damage on a ring instead of cooldown.

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