I will buy this game, if respeccing becomes free (D4)

Until this change gets made I won’t be investing time or money into this game. I like to change my abilities constantly to suit individual fights.

Is this a joke ? Each individual fights !?

I’m in general against no respec at all, cause i like to experiment by myself. But your idea or respeccing to each individual fights is an aberration, and should not be allowed at all.

They need to find the right balance between your choices being meaningfull and the ability to experiment and change at end-game. Lets say some few hours / 1 day of gold farm should be ok.

Not allowing respeccing will lead people to follow only cookie cutter builds, and that’s also bad. But allowing total freedom will lead to other downsides, like hard balance, or your aberration.

Meaningful choices feel like corporate speak for I have to have my time wasted for wanting to enjoy the game my way. I’d honestly be fine with it if this was an offline mode only option, as I am mostly interested in playing through the story. But offline doesn’t seem like something they want to include.
To me your idea of a gold farm being necessary is an “aberration” and should not be forced down the throat of people that aren’t into it. I just want to have fun in a grim dark fantasy arpg. Any sort of friction that pushes me to reroll the same class just to not waste resources will annoy me to no end.

But fair, after seeing the discussion on this play out online I have concluded I am simply not the target audience for the game. Which is fair I guess even though it makes me sad since I love the lore. I’ll just watch it on youtube.

Rerolling the same class as a different specialization is a big part RPG’s, esp dungeon crawlers. If everyone gets to change their skills/specialization at will then the game become much easier since every gear drop is tailored.

Sounds like you are only interested in playing offline story mode anyways. Your play style shouldn’t dictate the entire game design. If the thought of rerolling bores you then perhaps D4 isn’t a game for you. I suggest sticking with D3.

It doesn’t bore me, It annoys me.

It may be a big part of your enjoyment of Rpg’s but that doesn’t mean that Rpg’s must have that feature, nor that everyone who is into rpg’s will enjoy it. If there was an offline only mode then both audiences could be served but alas.

It seems you haven’t fully read my previous message, I already concluded that I am not the target Audience for D4, so yes it is indeed not the game for me. I will watch the story on youtube and keep a look out for rpg’s that do not punish changing builds mid run :slight_smile:

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You seem to have conflicting motives. On one hand you’re not the typical extreme gamer, but mostly wanna play the game for the lore and story. On the other hand you have some unrealistic demands.
Did you even play the beta?
Lots of the streamers, that you’ll now have to follow on youtube to experience the game, tried all kinds of builds and setups during the beta without having respec problems.

I don’t care if you buy or not. At the most you’re only hurting yourself. Or the opposite: doing yourself a big favor.

What motive is conflicting with what? I want to play this game without getting punished for changing my build mid story.
From how I understood it, the respec costs ramp up as you get to higher level. As end game wasn’t in the beta I don’t think that that is a realistic way to measure how easy it is. They said in an interview that they want it to be easier to reroll than to change builds.

As my previous emssages said, I already decided not to buy. And while I do think that is doing a big favor to myself as I know I would get annoyed playing it and thus would regret spending my money on it, I am still sad that this game is balanced in a way that will be unfun for me. I love the lore, and am sad that I won’t be playing it myself.

You say it yourself… On one hand you just want to play the game for the lore and the story. On the other hand you want to be able to respec “like crazy” (my exaggeration of course). At least it’s an exaggaration saying you are getting punished for changing build mid story…

I’m not advocating the game. Like in the previous titles there will be good things and not so good things in D4.

They have changed it so that you can remove and assign skills individually rather than the full tree resets they had in the closed beta, this is a huge difference early to mid-game. I’m not sure if you’re trolling by saying you like to respec for every encounter, however that is not a reasonable playstyle and quite frankly a waste of everyone’s time to change the system for that purpose. You’re asking them to cater to the bottom 10% of the bottom 10% on a system wide change. You need to be realistic.

PS. They said it would be more economical to reroll the character than reset the skill tree Before they allowed individual skill changes and that was their response to the feedback. I’m glad they did this btw.

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I agree that respecing should not b free, but not everyone as time to roll a char everytime they want to try a new build…

also you only have 10 char slots and we already have 5 class’s at launch… so if you going to rerol a char everytime you want to try a new build… you going to run out of char slots in no time…

having the ability to buy a second build slot would b awsome in my opinion. even if it would come at a great cost. to Aquire and some cost for swap.

imagine i get home every day and i only have couple hours to play… but i liek to do a bit of pvp and pve in that hour… and im almost sure im not going to use the same builds… am i going to have to waste time swaping skills arround every single day !?

Either way, cant b sure of “stuffs” until the game comes out and we see how it all plays out!

I agree with you. Respec should be completely free, not so you can respec to every fight, but because you initally don’t know how a skill works and for you it might not work for your playstyle. So why should we be punished for experimenting with skills? It’s unacceptable design.

However, it won’t stop me buying the game. It is annoying though.

As for the other “comments” having an opinion is one thing… everything else just shows how ignorant they can be. I don’t mind if you don’t agree… but don’t tell me what you think seems to be my problem and try to bully me to only accepting yours.

That attitude is also intolerable.

Bye then.

/moves on…